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Claims that Scotland would flourish after independence are wide of the mark. Twonix Studio

The numbers for an independent Scottish economy look scary

An independent Scotland would be significantly better off than it is now, according to Professor Andrew Hughes-Hallett of George Mason University in two recent pieces in The Conversation. This is contrary…
“If Scotland votes yes, it’ll be the end of the Hogwarts Express!” Anthony Devlin

Scotland Decides ’14: does anyone really care what celebrities think?

Barely a day goes by when there’s not another famous face giving a nod or a headshake to independence. Most recently Daniel Radcliffe and veteran Scottish comic actor Stanley Baxter have both said no…
Would the Scots be quids in after independence? Eltpics

Scottish independence is bad economics for three reasons

The recent publication of an extensive survey of leading economists by the Centre for Macroeconomics showed that an overwhelming majority did not think Scotland would be better off if it were independent…
The once-proud Scottish press could use a lift. Lis Ferla

If Scotland votes no, the media may well get the blame

Two distinguished Scottish journalists have recently expressed their concern at the state of the Scottish press. Both Magnus Linklater, in an article in the British Journalism Review, and Iain Macwhirter…
Is Scottish victimhood fuelling the yes campaign? Carl Court/PA

Scotland Decides ’14: are Scots too sensitive?

Mix the Scots and sport and you’re bound to end up with trouble. Just ask William Hague, who gaffed this week that Team GB would break a leg at next month’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – forgetting that…
Why do 14-17s have such different views to 18-24s? East Lothian Musems

The next generation may vote differently, just ask the Scots

There seems to be a contradiction in the media reports about young people and their voting intentions in the Scottish referendum. While many polls and the Scottish Social Attitudes survey have found that…
England has come a long way since devolution. EPA

A no vote may see Scots tied to a less patient England

It may only be Scotland that is heading to the polls on September 18, but it is not the only interested party in the results of the independence referendum. England would obviously play a dominant role…
By his own admission, Dave is not the most popular man in Scotland. Danny Lawson

Scotland Decides ’14: What to do with David Cameron?

The Better Together campaign has always had a problem. Such is Tory popularity in Scotland that the battle for the union was never going to be led by the biggest beast in British politics. Yet David Cameron…

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