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Taiwan Scott, who sued South Carolina over a new congressional map he said curbed Black voting power, speaking outside the Supreme Court in 2023. Shannon Finney/Getty Images for Rooted Logistics

Voting rights at risk after Supreme Court makes it harder to challenge racial gerrymandering

In two recent rulings, the conservative justices handed state lawmakers new power to redraw congressional maps to their liking – including in ways that end up diluting the Black vote.
The Supreme Court’s decision on the power of federal agencies versus courts will have various ripple effects on abortion policy in the country. Celal Gunes/Anadolu via Getty Images

Supreme Court’s blow to federal agencies’ power will likely weaken abortion rights – 3 issues to watch

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling means that judges will have more power than scientific experts in determining whether people should be able to get an emergency abortion, for example.
Housing activists demonstrate outside the Supreme Court on April 22, 2024. Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Supreme Court rules cities can ban homeless people from sleeping outdoors – Sotomayor dissent summarizes opinion as ‘stay awake or be arrested’

In a major homelessness ruling, the Supreme Court holds that cities and municipalities can punish people for sleeping outside, even when they have nowhere else to go.
Activists on both sides of the abortion battle are gearing up for it to be a major issue in the 2024 election. Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Supreme Court unanimously concludes that anti-abortion groups have no standing to challenge access to mifepristone – but the drug likely faces more court challenges

The opinion did not take on the substance of the plaintiffs’ claims against mifepristone, and the abortion pill is already facing other challenges.
Viewed over decades, the Supreme Court’s record on religion-related cases is more complicated than recent headlines suggest. Phil Roeder/Moment via Getty Images

The Colorado website designer’s win is one of dozens of federal cases where religious beliefs and LGBTQ+ rights have clashed – and the pattern might not be what you think

Two sociologists break down how cases related to plaintiffs’ beliefs and LGBTQ+ rights have fared in federal courts over several decades.
A person protests outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on June 29, 2023. AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Military academies can still consider race in admissions, but the rest of the nation’s colleges and universities cannot, court rules

Three legal experts weigh in on what the Supreme Court’s ban on race in college admissions means for students, colleges and universities, and the nation’s future.

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