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José Martí’s teachings are found in all Cuban classrooms – and on Havana’s walls. Emmanuel Huybrechts/Flickr

Cuban schools’ focus on ‘good values’ holds global lessons

A great deal of thinking about Cuba’s education system originated from one man. So who was José Martí, and what can his ideas about values education teach other countries?
Should teachers dictate what’s right or wrong? Blackboard via pupunkkop/Shutterstock

We need to teach children how to think, not what to think

In its ideal form, education should be socially progressive. We teach the next generation of scientists, engineers and medical researchers who will improve our quality of life: they will learn more about…
A still picture from Jabbed, showing Osman Chandab being treated for whooping cough, which he contracted when he was seven weeks old. Genepool Productions

Science and fear: a review of vaccination documentary Jabbed

In April 1939, measles was coursing through the industrial suburbs of North Melbourne, Carlton and Fitzroy, but the city medical officer assured the public it was not severe. He noted there had been just…

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