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Being unable to afford one substantial meal a day and pay for home insurance are indicators of poverty. Flickr/27147

Down and out in Australia: the new way to define poverty

Poverty is about more than just a lack of income. Those who experience it face unacceptable restrictions on their material and social wellbeing. Research can no longer focus on defining a poverty line…
Women should be allowed to have fun, without the media judging them. AAP/Jack Tran

The wilding of women: why the media should ease up on girls

Wilding, a word seldom used outside of sociology, describes compounded acts of immorality. Of teenagers, apparently, running amok. In packs usually, with rage and ribaldry in their eyes. I was thinking…
A study of blue-footed boobies found that while siblings bully each other badly in the nest, the youngsters grow into adults with normal levels of aggression. Flickr

Sibling bullying doesn’t cause lasting wimpiness

Harsh sibling bullying maybe tough to endure as a youngster but victims won’t necessarily grow into cowed and meek adults…
Most families with at least one child say they are ‘comfortable’ with their finances at just under $80,000, according to latest figures from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Flickr, Meredith Farkas.

Just under $80,000 a year is enough, say most families

Most families say they would feel comfortable living on an annual household income of just under $80,000 according to new…

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