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Even the big, bad Wall Street bull is scared of inflation. AP Photo/Richard Drew

Why does inflation make stock prices fall?

While many market observers blame growing concerns about inflation for the stock market crash, the real culprit may be fears that the economy is about to slow.
Trading in the dark doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets. Arne Dedert/AAP

Dark pools don’t deserve shady reputation

Dark pools are growing in popularity and now account for more than 15% of total trading in some stock markets. But despite such trading being blamed by some commentators for everything from market instability…
Can I interest you in the Acme Corporation? I’m hearing great things. Rafael Matsunaga

When Twitter storms cause financial panic

On the morning of 22 January 2013 a story started to develop on Twitter about the imminent and unexpected resignation of Jens Weidmann, the CEO of Deutsche Bundesbank. The first documented tweet came at…
New research highlights the informed nature of buy-sell-buy trades. Publik16/Flickr

In defence of active fund managers

Australian investors and superannuation funds have invested hundreds of billions of their life savings with active fund managers. These funds have very high fees compared with index funds to cover not…
Former Gunns chairman John Gay is the most senior executive to have been convicted of insider trading in Australia. He received a fine of $50,000. David Beniuk/AAP

Insider trading gets more scrutiny, but convictions may not flow

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is moving to “real-time” monitoring of share trading as another weapon in the ongoing fight against insider trading. But will the use of this form of…
Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, faces the challenge of adding value to the company’s shares, without detracting from the user experience. AAP

Twitter’s IPO: what we know so far

In a tweet that could represent US$110 million for every one of its 135 characters, Twitter last week announced that it would be following fellow social network providers Facebook and LinkedIn in becoming…
Research suggests Twitter trends can accurately forecast stock market changes.

How twitter informs the stock market

On April 23, the US stock market suddenly lost 1.5% of its value after news of an attack on the White House quickly spread from the (hacked) Twitter account of the Associated Press news agency. Within…

High-frequency trading a zero-sum game

The speed increase of stock trading from microseconds to nanoseconds leads to an increase in order cancellations and is otherwise…
College day betting lead to a fascination with the stockmarket for this physicist. Dan Raustadt Flikr

A rocket scientist’s view of the stockmarket

The last Space Shuttle recently returned to Earth. That reminded me that 45 years ago I was undertaking a PhD in physics at Australian National University, investigating the re-entry of the space shuttle…

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