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A Chinese woman walks past a mural that says ‘China dream, my dream’. How Hwee Young/EPA/AAP

How China’s bull market could bleed into its economy

Chinese investors are learning to respect the power of the market, but the banking sector should know better.
Trading in the dark doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets. Arne Dedert/AAP

Dark pools don’t deserve shady reputation

Dark pools are growing in popularity and now account for more than 15% of total trading in some stock markets. But despite such trading being blamed by some commentators for everything from market instability…
New research highlights the informed nature of buy-sell-buy trades. Publik16/Flickr

In defence of active fund managers

Australian investors and superannuation funds have invested hundreds of billions of their life savings with active fund managers. These funds have very high fees compared with index funds to cover not…

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