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Snoop Dogg shouted out Canada’s First Nations in his ongoing social media campaign to promote his bid to buy the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. Snoop posted a video to Instagram in a recording studio and wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Handout: Instagram @snoopdogg

The Ottawa Senators bidding war is about a lot more than ticket sales and star power

The Ottawa Senators’ bidding war has important lessons about speculation and financialization in pro sports.
Research found that investor ownership of farmland in Saskatchewan was negligible in 2002, but by 2018 had climbed to nearly one million acres — almost 18 times the size of Saskatoon. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Growing farmland inequality in the Prairies poses problems for all Canadians

Farm consolidation, increasing land concentration and expanding investor ownership of farmland is leading to growing land inequality in the Canadian Prairies.

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