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Here’s looking at you kid. PA/Peter Byrne

Japanese supercomputer takes big byte out of the brain

Researchers in Japan have used the powerful K computer, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, to simulate the complex neural structure of our brain. Using a popular suite of neuron simulating software…
Everything we see around us could be little more than bits in a giant supercomputer. petertandlund

Alert: you may be living in a simulated universe

As a cosmologist, I often carry around a universe or two in my pocket. Not entire, infinitely large universes, but maybe a few billion light years or so across. Enough to be interesting. Of course, these…
Programmers will find ways to harness the massively distributed global internet. Night Owl City

Can the mother of all supercomputers save us from Big Brother?

Today I’m annoyed at Facebook. Among the amazingly witty and touching postings from my friends and Amnesty International are “pages you might like” and advertisements for things I don’t need, especially…

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