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Warfare 2.0 doesn’t require much more than a laptop. DFectuoso

The Syrian Electronic Army is rewriting the rules of war

In Dragon Day – a provocative new movie on release in the US in November – we see the consequences of a “cyber 9/11”. China has attacked the critical infrastructure of the US in a large-scale cyber-attack…
Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak shut down the country’s internet in 2011 in an effort to stop the uprising. But does Syria’s recent online blackout have a darker motive? Mataparda

Syria is back online – so who has the internet kill switch?

Syrian residents found themselves without the internet for some 19 hours on May 7 and 8, in what many see as a long-term government campaign to use the internet as method of state control. According to…
Hacktivists remove choice from consumers – and in their own way lay down the law. anonmunich

LulzSec, Anonymous … freedom fighters or the new face of evil?

As you’ll know by now, hacktivist group Anonymous has vandalised the home page of the Syrian Ministry of Defense, posting a message which started: “To the Syrian people: the world stands with you against…

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