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The for-profit nursing home sector is growing, while placing a premium on cost cutting and big profits. picture alliance via Getty Images

For-profit nursing homes are cutting corners on safety and draining resources with financial shenanigans − especially at midsize chains that dodge public scrutiny

Owners of midsize nursing home chains drain billions from facilities, hiding behind opaque accounting practices and harming the elderly as government, which has the power to stop it, falls short.
ExxonMobil has been granted nearly $580 million in tax abatements in Louisiana since 2000. Barry Lewis/Getty Images

Louisiana governor makes it easier for companies to receive lucrative tax breaks that take money away from cash-strapped schools

Louisiana’s governor made it easier for companies to receive property tax breaks – and schools will likely pay the price.
Exxon Mobil Corp.’s campus in East Baton Rouge Parish, left, received millions in tax abatements to the detriment of local schools, right. Barry Lewis/Getty Images, Tjean314/Wikimedia

Students lose out as cities and states give billions in property tax breaks to businesses − draining school budgets and especially hurting the poorest students

An estimated 95% of US cities provide economic development tax incentives to woo corporate investors, taking billions away from schools.
David Maimon’s cybersecurity research group noticed a flood of checks in underground markets, which opened a window into much broader criminal activity. Collage by Kimberly Patch

Behind the scenes of the investigation: Heists Worth Billions

Professor David Maimon describes how his team investigated criminal enterprises on the dark web.

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