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Is the existence of the public broadcaster necessary for a healthy democracy in Australia? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Do Australians really need the ABC?

Since 1803, when its first newspaper was published, Australia’s media have been owned largely by private enterprise. Except for the Government Gazette, which was confined to publishing official government…
The ABC will be richly rewarded for its decision to monitor its coverage if the analysis is robust, empirical and multidimensional. AAP/Stefan Postles

Beyond ‘impartiality’: how the ABC can benefit from editorial audits

The decision of the ABC to conduct regular editorial audits of its coverage of controversial topics is a great idea. The ABC has a unique place in the Australian media landscape. Learning more about how…
There’s no clear need for a review of the ABC’s operations – and such calls have a long history. Sarah Ackerman

What would be the point of yet another ABC inquiry?

Prime minister Tony Abbott may be a fan of institutional inquiries and a critic of supposed ABC bias, but he has nothing to gain by responding to calls for yet another review of the ABC. First, there’s…
Known for good political antennae, ABC chief Mark Scott has come under fire for his decisions around the Snowden spying leaks. AAP/Alan Porritt

ABC could learn from BBC realpolitik over spy leak fallout

The current stoush between the ABC and the government sees two competing perspectives on the role of public service media in play. The Coalition, on the one hand, regards the ABC as duty bound to serve…
Does the ABC have any business providing entertainment to the masses? ABC TV/AAP

Public interest or public choice? Your $1.2bn ABC

Australia is about to have a debate on the role of government in business. That debate is going to be spread over several issues – Qantas’ junk bond status, Holden’s Australian manufacturing decision…

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