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Richard Lewis/EPA

The forgotten side of Tony Benn

Most of the reactions to the death of Tony Benn have focused on the man who turned left in the 1970s, embraced union militancy and became “the most dangerous man in Britain”. That was, however, Benn Mark…
Tony Benn: his passing leaves a gaping hole in British public life. Stephen Kelly/PA Wire

Tony Benn was a true man of the people

The news that Tony Benn has died at home at the age of 88 has stimulated intense reflection and discussion about his career. But when reading the obituaries and listening to the various television and…
Tony Benn was ‘a signpost not a weathervane’. Fiona Hanson/PA

Tony Benn, conviction politician and old-Labour stalwart, dies

Tony Benn, who has died aged 88, was one of the great characters in 20th-century British politics. When he announced in 2001 he was “leaving Parliament to spend more time on politics” it was widely held…

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