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What kind of filmmaking does Tropfest encourage? Go_OffStation

Has Tropfest gone troppo? Implications for Australian film

Sunday night in many ways marked a great achievement for the Australian short film genre, with the live broadcast of Tropfest – “the world’s largest short film festival” – on national television via SBS…
Bamboozled won best film at Tropfest on the weekend, causing much controversy. Tropfest

Why playing trans people for laughs at Tropfest is lame

On the weekend, Bamboozled was awarded the best film prize at the Tropfest. It has sparked controversy for its homophobic and transphobic narrative devices. The film portrays an encounter between Peter…
The best-film award for Bamboozled has angered many movie fans. Tropfest

Bamboozled wins Tropfest by turning gay sex into a dumb joke

It would have been hard to avoid the news that the best-picture award at Sunday’s Tropfest short-film festival in Sydney was given to filmmaker Matt Hardie for Bamboozled – and even harder to ignore the…

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