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Sen. John Kennedy, left, and Vice President Richard Nixon prepare for the first televised presidential debate on Sept. 26, 1960. AP

What people say today about the first televised presidential debate, between Nixon and JFK, doesn’t match first reactions in 1960

While people now reflect on how or whether Nixon’s sweaty, haggard appearance during the debate cost him the election, the view in 1960 was that the debate was a draw.
O.J. Simpson shows the jury a pair of gloves, similar to those found near the crime scene, during his trial in Los Angeles in 1995. POO/AFP via Getty Images

Has the media learned anything since the O.J. Simpson trial?

Since the ‘trial of the century,’ the lines between news and entertainment have become increasingly blurred.
What Adams writes and draws rarely attracts scrutiny – it’s what he says that has gotten him in hot water. Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images

The cautionary tale of ‘Dilbert’

Cartoonists throughout the nation’s history have been jailed, beaten, sued and censored. But Scott Adams’ work is being rejected for what he expressed off the page.

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