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Articles on violence against children

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Congolese women in the eastern town of Bunia. Even in conflict zones women are more likely to face violence in their homes than outside. EPA/Murizio Gambarini

Why home, even when there’s war, is the most dangerous place for women

Shocking new findings show that even in conflict-affected countries where soldiers and rebel fighters are a daily danger to women, their husbands and boyfriends are the bigger threat.
Violence that happens behind closed doors and within families is finally being recognised as a crime – not just a “domestic”. Jaybird/Flickr

Violent words, not just deeds, leave a lasting mark on our kids

She showed me the cigarette burns on her arms. Her eyes seemed empty as she slumped in the chair, answering questions with defeated shrugs. Finally she explained that her stepfather had held her down and…
Bleak and brutal: HMYOI Brinsford. David Jones/PA Wire

We must do more to protect children in prison

The chief inspector of prisons has identified the single worst prison he has visited – and, scandalously, it’s a jail for children. HMYOI Brinsford in Wolverhampton is filthy, squalid and has levels of…

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