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Just make sure you get a receipt. Tom Miller/PA

India’s firm stance on tax could actually help investors

India keeps getting into arguments with foreign firms over tax; is it wise to do so? The Financial Times, for one, is in no doubt that India is scaring off foreign investors, and that it is making a mistake…
Consumers are excited about the launch of the iPhone 5S - but the pricing game means bargains are unlikely. AAP

In the game of iPhone pricing, consumers are the losers

Game theory is a branch of strategic decision making that tries to predict how players in any strategic game are likely to act. It can be applied in many situations and it can also help to explain what…
After success in Europe and the US, subscription-based music streaming service, Spotify is launching in Australia. Could it be a musical saviour? Flickr/capsun

Spotify: saviour of the music industry?

International music provider Spotify is preparing for its launch into the Australian market later this year. As a subscription-based streaming service, the success of the Stockholm-based Spotify across…
Chinese telco giant Huawei’s preclusion from tendering for the NBN will have far-reaching implications for investment by Chinese-controlled companies in Australia. AAP

Coldplay: No paradise in Australia for Huawei

It will no doubt be surprising to the former Liberal Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, and former Victorian Labor Premier, John Brumby, that they sit on the board of a corporate entity apparently judged…

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