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Wayne Swan delivered his sixth budget. AAP/Alan Porritt

Federal budget 2013: The slow road to the black

What is almost certainly the Gillard government’s last budget delays the attack on the deficit and concentrates on entrenching “legacy” programs, for which Labor hopes to be remembered. Dealt a difficult…
A myopic focus on short-term cyclical business cycles has meant successive governments have failed to carry much needed structural reform. Image sourced from

Beyond the boom: have we frittered away our opportunities?

No sooner had Treasurer Wayne Swan accused the Europeans of “mindless austerity” a month ago than he embarked on a resolute but most likely counter-productive search for cost savings in the coming May…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has confirmed the Medicare levy will be increased to fund the NDIS. AAP/Julian Smith

Medicare levy boost to pay for disability insurance scheme

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a 0.5% increase in the Medicare levy to help fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - but Labor will not bring in legislation for the higher tax…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard will today announce significantly lower than estimated tax revenue. AAP/ Shane Eecen

New hit to budget revenue

The estimate of budget tax revenue collection for 2012-13 has been further slashed, with the Treasury now saying it will be $12 billion less than forecast in October. The revision is another blow to a…
Treasurer Wayne Swan will announce measures to improve costings today. AAP/Dave Hunt

Swan pressures opposition with greater budget transparency

Treasurer Wayne Swan will today promise to release the 2012-13 budget outcome “well before the election”, as part of measures to increase budget transparency and put pressure on the opposition over costings…
Wayne Swan tells journalists the government’s promised budget surplus is now unlikely to be delivered. ABC News

Swan says budget surplus now unlikely: experts respond

Treasurer Wayne Swan has acknowledged it’s unlikely the government will deliver the budget surplus it had been promising for next year, following the release of a disappointing monthly financial statement…
Does Australia’s company tax rate place a significant impost on local businesses? shutterstock

Australia’s company tax ‘burden’ is just a myth

Treasurer Swan could reduce the headline corporate tax rate from its current 30% rate to just over 15%, with virtually no consequences for government tax revenue with one simple piece of legislation: simply…
How should we measure the size of the Australian economy? AAP

Punching above our weight: sizing up Australia’s economy

Treasurer Wayne Swan recently noted that Australia now has the world’s twelfth largest economy. This suggests it has moved up three places during Labor’s period of office, and regained the three places…
Tony Abbott finds himself caught between competing interests on his foreign investment policy. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Foreign investment debate re-opens old divides within the Coalition

Foreign investment, like any other policy, is a complex juggling act. A balance between welcoming foreign investment – without which Australia cannot survive – and protecting Australian interests in not…
Swan would have an easier time if he were more honest with voters about what Labor is trying to achieve. AAP/Lukas Coch

Swan struggles to help the poor in a straitjacket of his own making

Labor’s budget continues a path set since 2007. It shows the technocratic skill of a government clever at policy detail; but also one unable, or perhaps unwilling, to challenge the economic straitjacket…
Swan may be appealing to a voting bloc that doesn’t exist. AAP/Alan Porritt

Labor’s populist turn unlikely to succeed

The 2012 budget came at a particularly challenging time for Labor. The government has sought to achieve two distinct (if related) political goals: bolster Labor’s “economic management” credentials and…
Swan’s budget targeted the Labor base, but it may not be enough. AAP/Alan Porritt

Will Wayne win over the battlers or is it too late for Labor?

“Walk into the local pet shop and the resident galah will be talking about microeconomic reform.” So Paul Keating once famously quipped about the significance of the government’s microeconomic reform agenda…
Clive Palmer should probably stick to what he’s good at. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Forget contesting Lilley, Clive Palmer should stick to his day job

Mining magnate Clive Palmer has put his name forward to run for the Liberal National Party (LNP) against Treasurer Wayne Swan in the Queensland seat of Lilley at the next election. Palmer has been a vocal…
Swan’s “fair go” message isn’t original, but it is clever. AAP/Alan Porritt

What’s behind Wayne Swan’s ‘fair go’ message?

When they each ran significant chunks of the Australian mining industry in the 1970s, the late titans Sir George Fisher and Sir Maurice Mawby were often dismayed at the attacks politicians, and others…

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