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Sinodinos warns about dangers for democracy and science posed by a polarised media. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Arthur Sinodinos with some reflections and advice

Arthur Sinodinos with some reflections and advice The Conversation, CC BY32.9 MB (download)
As Arthur Sinodinos prepares to leave the Senate for his new role as Australian ambassador to the US, he sits with Michelle Grattan to reflect on his time in politics.
Malcolm Turnbull said the confirmation had come from US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Mick Tsikas/AAP

White House promises Trump ban won’t affect Australians

The White House has given assurances that Australian dual citizens will not be caught by Donald Trump’s suspension of entry from seven designated predominantly Muslim countries.
Donald Trump has taken political ‘lies’ to a new level during his campaign for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Reuters/Evan Semon

How journalists can start winning the battle against politicians’ lies

If journalism is supposed to be a force for truth, accountability and enlightenment in the political process, then it appears to be failing on the biggest of stages.

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