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Media depictions like Young, Lazy and Driving Us Crazy pander to negative perceptions of young Australians. Channel Seven

Images of Australian youth: from symbols of hope to disposable lives

The idea of a generation gap is an old one, but the discrepancies between young people’s lived experience and other people’s perceptions present a very contemporary challenge. Today The Conversation begins…
British band One Direction has a huge following worldwide. But media criticism of their fans doesn’t respect the knowledge and power they possess. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

That’s what makes them beautiful: why One Direction fans are smarter than you

Over the weekend, rumours have spread that Crazy About One Direction, a documentary on the eponymous boy band broadcast by the UK’s Channel 4, has led to suicides among distraught fans. One thing is certain…
In truth, whistleblower Bradley Manning’s experiences with online media are not so far removed from other ‘digital natives’. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Born this way? Becoming Bradley Manning in a digital world

As US Army private Bradley Manning stares down 90 years in jail, his lawyers are fighting the weight of history. Prosecutors want us to see a soldier who shamefully turned his back on a sacred oath. To…

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