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What sells better, sex or sport?

You are an unwitting participant in a psychology experiment. Muskingum University Library

I was, like many of you, intrigued by the title of David Bishop’s article “Sex before sport: does it affect an athlete’s performance”, that he published on the Conversation website recently. It just happens to be the most read article of the last few days, and I suspect it is because he used two words in the title of his article that are prone to draw a large crowd – use them in combination and you have a winner.

Although Professor David Bishop is a sport scientist at Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL), he does know a thing or two about marketing as well. Share a few interesting – not earth shattering - scientific facts and figures that link the pleasure of sex with the performance of sport and people will take note.

My main discipline (academically) is sport business, with a focus on international marketing. So my interest in regard to the title of this blog post is truly scientific… I want to know if this post attracts more readers than the ones that I have posted before, containing equally generic observations, but do not have the words sport and sex in the title. By reading this post to this point, you have become part of a sport marketing experiment. Sadly, in regard to what sells better, sex or sport, I may not have a definitive answer for you. But you might be looking at two best sellers who could combine to be potentially invincible.

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