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Cyberwarfare is a threat that is anonymous, hard to trace and hard to defend against. Keyboard image via

Cyberwar is here to stay

The openness of the Internet gives an advantage to attackers – but what constitutes an act of war in the electronic world?
An F-35A Joint Strike Fighter on a night mission in the US. Flickr/Lockheed Martin

Hacking the secrets of Australia’s Joint Strike Fighter

Design details of Australia’s new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) have been stolen by Chinese spies, according to reports this week, although it’s not clear whether the information was highly classified…
Oh hey, just picking up a few Kanelbulle on the way home. Victor Ochieng

Why would a Russian submarine be lurking in waters off Sweden?

Rumours of a Russian submarine hanging around off the coast of Sweden have inspired much Cold War nostalgia. But while there is of course the chance that something fishy is going on, there are many plausible…
The stoush between China and the US over spying is becoming toxic. Shutterstock

Cyber espionage and the new Cold War of US-China relations

The members of China’s military charged over cyber espionage by the US will never see American justice, but the case does break new ground in a fractious US-China relationship increasingly characterised…

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