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Illegal downloading has become a free-for-all. Josh Russell

Online pirates may be willing to pay - if the price is right

Data released by Ofcom yesterday show that internet users who illegally download films, music or games actually spend more money on legal downloads than those who always play by the rules. Online piracy…
Defeating piracy is harder than law enforcement agencies would like to think. spieri_sf

A battle has been won, but the war on piracy is far from over

According to a new Ipsos report, piracy in Norway has declined markedly over the past few years. In 2008 they estimated there were 1.2 billion illegal downloads of songs, but by 2012 this had dropped to…
If they go after your computers, it could get worse than that. Alexandrre Claude

Preventing piracy at the cost of your privacy

The theft of intellectual property (IP) online is a serious matter. A 2011 report by the UK Cabinet Office estimates the value of lost IP to the UK economy at about £21 billion. Until recently the debate…
Silver bullets are elusive when it comes to curbing illegal downloads. aquella manera

Smacking down online piracy – does New Zealand know best?

We know online piracy exists; we know governments want to stop it – but what are the options? Richard Freudenstein, CEO of Australia’s largest pay-TV provider Foxtel, has joined the chorus of entertainment…
Concerns about the NBN destroying Australian music are just scaremongering. AAP/Joel Carrett

The NBN will be disastrous for the music industry … really?

The NBN could have disastrous results for the local [music] industry. At least, that was the view of peak recording industry body the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and local…
Australia’s High Court has found in favour of Internet service provider iiNet in a high profile piracy case that is being closely watched around the world. AAP

iiNet’s Hollywood ending: what does its court victory mean for copyright law?

In what is being billed as iiNet versus Hollywood, the Australian internet service provider has come out an apparent winner after the High Court dismissed a copyright infringement case brought by industry…
News Corporation is facing claims a subsidiary engaged in piracy against pay TV rivals in a bid to destabilise them. AAP

Pay TV piracy claims bring a fresh storm for News Corp

The Australian Financial Review has published allegations that a “secret unit” within Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation undertook a program of piracy against pay television operators in a bid to damage…
The creative sector may need a little help protecting itself online. unsure shot

Should Google be doing more to combat online piracy?

Creators of online content should feel free to share material online without fear of non-attribution or piracy, or having their copyright or trademarks misused. Plainly, the current system of enforcement…
The “scorched-earth” tactics espoused by SOPA are raising serious concerns. Abode of Chaos

SOPA bill could wreck the internet

A pair of bills currently making their way through US legislature has set off alarm bells among internet technologists and users worldwide. The aim of PROTECT-IP, in the Senate, and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy…
Climate researchers hoping to collect monsoonal wind data off the Somali coast have been thwarted. Flickr

Pirates scuttle climate research off Somali coast

Somali pirates roaming the seas in the Gulf of Aden have claimed another victim: climate research. Climate scientists hoping…
If you download shanties illegally, the iCloud may not float your boat. sean cumiskey

Music pirates won’t rush to iCloud for forgiveness

Some people, including on this site, have suggested there’s a loophole in Apple’s new iCloud that will allow people who illegally download music to somehow “launder” their dirty music files, getting a…
Observers are making a song and dance about potential misuses of the iCloud. Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP

Long John iCloud Silver: has Steve Jobs cleared the decks for pirates?

Was Steve Jobs’announcement of the Apple iCloud yesterday music to your ears? It certainly takes cloud computing a significant distance further along the path of integration. All your devices – PC, iPad…

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