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Pope Francis’ liberal approach to theology is aimed at reforming the church’s attitude towards issues. EPA/Alessandro Di Meo

Revitalising the Catholic Church: is Pope Francis proposing a new way forward?

Pope Francis has made headlines recently with comments about abortion, gay marriage, contraception, work and capitalism. Francis has said that he’s “not spoken much about these things [abortion, gay marriage…
His name was Francis, he was a pontiff - the Pope arrives at the Copacabana. Semilla Luz

Pope Francis: people’s pontiff or sharp politician?

On the flight home from World Youth Day in Brazil, Pope Francis gave an unscheduled, no-holds-barred interview to the journalists travelling with him. He spoke on a wide range of topics including the role…
Australian cardinal George Pell will be part of the new global panel of advisers, the G8, to Pope Francis. AAP/Dean Lewins

Church reform: will Pope Francis’ G8 change the Catholic Church?

Pope Francis I’s weekend announcement of a new council, the Group of Eight (G8), to advise him on Catholic Church governance and reforming the Church’s central administration (the Roman Curia) has been…
In his first meeting with the media Pope Francis has said he will lead a church “that is poor and for the poor”. EPA/Radek Pietruszka

Back to the future: can the Catholic Church find its way?

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the subsequent election of Pope Francis have provoked intense public interest and media attention across the globe. How could it be otherwise? The Catholic Church…
New Pope Francis I has a controversial past in his home country. EPA/Andrea Solero

Pope Francis I’s murky past in Argentina

Today Australia woke up to its first Latin American and Jesuit pope. Although apparently being second choice behind the former pope Benedict when he was elected in 2005, Pope Francis I was seen as an outside…

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