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Mary’s poems give a unique insight into how the queen experienced her bloody, passionate and tragic life. Dave McLear

Mary, Queen of Scots was a poet – and you should know it

Think Mary, Queen of Scots and a few key facts probably come to mind: she was Catholic, she was imprisoned and she had her head chopped off. But a poet who offers insight into 16th-century women’s writing…
John Barrowman and Karen Dunbar and their complementary tailoring. Martin Rickett/PA

Was the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony any good?

From John Barrowman’s Scottish accent to Susan Boyle’s nervous take of Mull of Kintyre to the cheered tribute to Nelson Mandela, the Commonwealth Games gave us an opening ceremony to remember. And that’s…
Gove got whacked this week, but will the Scots be bothered? Stefan Rousseau

Scotland Decides ’14: will the reshuffle affect the indyref?

In the hours after David Cameron unveiled the biggest cabinet reshuffle in a number of years, the Scottish first minister Alex Salmond took to the airwaves. Putting the eurosceptic Philip Hammond in charge…
Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde and Scottish swimming champion Gregor Tait get their symbols out in Sydney last year. Daniel Munoz/AAP Image

Thistles and tartan: the fun and Games of Scottish identity

Since September 2012, the mascot of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Clyde the thistle, has been popping in and out of the media radar; greeting children, featuring on merchandise, cheerfully promoting…
The reality about Scotland’s rape stats might be counter-intuitive. Morag Eyrie

Rising rape figures in Scotland could actually be a step forward

As was confirmed recently by figures from Police Scotland, there has been a 23% increase in recorded cases of rape north of the border over the past year. In 2013-14, the first year of Police Scotland’s…
Renewal personified: the Glasgow Merchant City festival. Brian Smith

Host City Glasgow: how it set the standard for urban rebirth

Welcome to Host City Glasgow, a series of articles that will examine different aspects of the 2014 Commonwealth Games destination as part of our countdown to the main event. To begin, Adam Aitken looks…
Time to say adieu, England! d100

Wise up England, you’d be better off without Scotland

To date, the debate on the Scottish independence referendum has focused on why the Scots should or shouldn’t back independence. There has also been some recent academic research on why the Scots have arrived…

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