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Guess what? It’s not so much size but the shape that matters. Ozchin

Seen one seen them all? More to genitalia than meets the eye

Why should male genitalia be so variable? This problem has puzzled evolutionary biologists for decades. Even to the experts, it can be difficult to tell closely-related species apart just by looking at…

Divorce rate linked to first time

Women who had sex for the first time as young teens are more likely to get divorced than those who waited until later, according…
Rock stars are successful in the bedroom, but all too often their wild lifestyle catches up with them. Flickr/Chalocuaz

Get laid or die trying: how rock stars get their kicks in

Kurt Cobain was the messiah of my generation, the monumental talent who saved rock from the mediocrity of 1980s cock rock and hair metal. But behind his public eminence stalked a personal hell of addiction…
When is a roll in the hay worth losing your head over? Suizilla

Sexual cannibalism: a treat you can eat

Sex is often viewed as a totally harmonious interaction between a male and female with the same innate goal – to produce offspring. But it is becoming increasingly clear to biologists that the reproductive…
Does homosexuality have something to offer everyone? marlin harm/Flickr

Best of mates: why ‘gay genes’ are a good fit for Darwin

Sexual orientation has long been cause for discussion and controversy, but just where does our sexual orientation come from? Are people “born gay” or are environmental causes at play? Historically, many…
Stars like Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar are redefining porn for feminists.

Porn and feminism: not strange bedfellows after all

I was recently approached by a young journalist, who asked for my comments on the Feminist Porn Awards. In the course of the interview, she asked if I thought feminists should watch porn. I replied that…
Women’s orgasms might be as useful as male nipples. ex animø/Flickr

Female orgasm: why O why?

Why do women have orgasms? That may seem like a strange question, but it’s one which has perplexed scientists for decades and provoked fiery academic debates along the way. The real question is: what is…
kissing. Fernando Meyer/Flickr

Sex: why do we bother?

As a society, we seem to be obsessed by sex. So wondering out loud why we have it is likely to invite a highly bemused response. And yet sex remains one of the great, enduring mysteries of evolutionary…

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