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The Muse allows us to avoid one of the great anxieties about the creative process. Richard Mortel

Conversing with the divine – why we still need our muses

Olivia Newton-John has a lot to answer for. Even now, after 35 years has passed, it is hard to forgive her for her role in Xanadu, a film consistently voted as the worst film of 1980. This is quite an…
Wilting away? rosipaw

Latin is dead? Long live Latin!

A little item buried on the inside pages of newspapers recently caused a small stir. Latin plant names, it was claimed, were “in danger of dying out”, following a decision by the International Botanical…
Strange as it may seem, many participants at Gallipoli took the time out to ponder the beauty of the landscape. Mattia Notari - Foto

Long read: Gallipoli, the beautiful city

If you do a historical study of the Gallipoli battlefields, or even if you are just a passing visitor to the sites, one of the first things to strike you is all the different names. At the Anzac battlefield…
“I’ve never been at a film where so much food was put away.” © 2014 Paramount Pictures Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.

Hercules, body envy and the challenge of being man

Who wants to be Hercules? Judging by the huge amount of internet interest in the diet and fitness regime of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, former professional wrestler and star of the latest Hercules film…
The muscle man. Kerry Brown/© 2014 Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures.

Brain or brawn? New Hercules film is bringing back the muscle

Hercules is once again back on our screens. This latest version has Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in the title role, alongside an international cast which includes a host of British stars. John Hurt is Cotys…
Not your average poet. Wikimedia Commons

New Sappho poems set classical world reeling

It’s a kind of literary miracle. Fragments of two new poems by Ancient Greek poet Sappho have been discovered, making it possible for us to be among the first people to read these texts for more than 1,000…
Ancient Athens practically invented Western culture, but xenophobia led to the collapse of the Empire. Flickr/SantiMB

A lesson in immigration policy from the cradle of democracy

Those debating Australia’s future, and its immigration policy would do well to consider a lesson from the past. Anybody can establish a successful state, the real difficulty is maintaining its success…

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