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The porous structure of metal-organic framework materials makes them perfect for storing and separating gases. justus.thane

MOF the chart: why a record-breaking surface area matters

You may not immediately think of world records when you consider chemistry, but that’s exactly what some chemists are thinking about during their research. Many, working on something called metal-organic…
How close is Australia to capturing emissions from its coal-fired power plants? Brian Yap

Building a future for carbon capture technology

Coal remains an important energy resource for Australia providing around 75% of our electricity and some 20% of export income. However it is also responsible for approximately 40% of greenhouse gas emissions…
Removing CO₂ from a power station is very different from removing it from the atmosphere. ianrthorpe

There’s more than one way to capture carbon

In his latest article for The Conversation Dr. David Karoly reports on the proceedings of a recent Canberra symposium on “Geo-engineering the Climate”. In his article, Dr. Karoly presents an insightful…
New climate institutions are finally putting Australia on track to meet its Kyoto obligations. amandabhslater

Getting closer to our climate obligations: Australia’s legislation for change

DURBAN CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE: Australia’s new climate legislation is a historic breakthrough reform for the nation. Putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions ranks alongside any of the “big” reforms…
Sequestration of carbon dioxide is safe, effective and it’s happening right now. CO2CRC

Carbon capture and storage – a vital part of our climate change response

One of the biggest challenges in our fight against climate change is reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the energy sector. Approximately 87% of current global primary energy supplies (and 67…

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