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Scientists felt strength in numbers at April’s March for Science. But those who speak out individually may suffer career repercussions. David Moir/AAP

What happens when scientists stand up for science

It's not a new phenomenon that scientists who challenge the orthodoxy or policy positions suffer career ramifications.
Banking inquiries in their current form serve as political theatre, rather than as a genuine form of accountability. Lukas Coch/AAP

Banking inquiry findings – ask the wrong questions get the wrong answers

Members of House Standing Committee on Economics should be asking the directors of Australia's Big Four banks (not the CEOs) different questions, if they really want the right answers.
Proposed laws requiring covert footage of animal cruelty to be handed promptly to authorities would make in-depth investigations much harder. Animals Australia

Australia’s new bill to protect animals will do anything but

Proposed laws requiring immediate reporting of animal cruelty sound like a good idea. But in practice they will make it harder to mount comprehensive investigations like the ABC's greyhound expose.
Not seeming to get much right at the moment. Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Profits are slashed but Tesco manages at least one thing well

The decline in Tesco’s fortunes in recent weeks has been staggering. Falling sales and an accounting scandal have caused a slump in profits and the supermarket’s share price. Pre-tax profits fell 92% to…
G20 countries - including Australia - could improve their whistleblower protections. Image sourced from

G20 still has a way to go with whistleblower protections

The G20 countries’ whistleblower protection laws fail to meet best international standards, according to the first independent evaluation of both public and private sector whistleblowing laws. This is…
Whatever Barack Obama says, the fact is the US president reined in spying powers in response to public knowledge gained from leaks about NSA activities. EPA/Shawn Thew

Obama’s concession on spying makes implicit case for leaks

All eyes were on US president Barack Obama when he announced his plan to reform the National Security Agency (NSA) and its ability to collect phone metadata. Three main changes will be pursued: the government…

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