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Not asking critical diagnostic questions is one of the causes ofthe high prevalence rates for ADHD. Jeff Meyer

Moving the diagnostic goalposts: medicalising ADHD

OVER-DIAGNOSIS EPIDEMIC – Today, Rae Thomas looks at the growing prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Does your five-year-old have difficulty sustaining attention? What about organising…
It’s obvious: better referee performance is better for players and better for spectators. Right? AAP Image/Joe Castro

Sports referees should take performance-enhancing drugs

Late last week football (soccer) website reported that FIFA, the international governing body for the world game, is considering forcing referees to pass fitness tests prior to games. This…

Ritalin improves error awareness

People who take Ritalin are far more aware of their mistakes, new research shows. Low performance error awareness has been…
New guidelines for ADHD emphasise comprehensive assessments before a diagnosis is made. Flickr/Woodlywonderworks

New ADHD guidelines: a prescription for more than just Ritalin

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is seeking feedback on new clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children and…
A DNA test can detect fragile X syndrome with 99% accuracy. AAP

ADHD, autism or something else entirely?

Most people are not aware of fragile X syndrome but they may well be affected by it or know someone who is. Commonly under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed the condition is often mistaken for Attention Deficit…

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