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Foxtel hopes to retain viewers with exclusive content such as Game of Thrones. AAP/HBO

Is Foxtel most at risk in the new Game of Screens?

Australians have enthusiastically embraced new streaming service Netflix. But with its subscription business model under threat, Foxtel is coming out fighting.
Frankie Alvarez as Agustin and O.T. Fagbenle as Frank in Looking. Foxtel

HBO’s Looking: the men on TV who just ‘happen to be gay’

Show a gay man on TV, and you immediately open yourself up to a degree of scrutiny that other artists usually have the privilege of avoiding. Representations of marginalised subjects on screen or in literature…
Be unsullied no more – winter is coming … again. HBO

Explainer: Game of Thrones, the story so far

The heir to an ancient exiled dynasty marries his sister to the leader of a savage warrior society, in return for their support in his effort to regain his father’s throne. The heir is soon killed, while…
What? I called you a ditch, Mike, a ditch … Courtesy of FOXTEL

What the f***‽ How much swearing is there on TV?

Warning: this article contains copious swearing. Let me start with a confession: I swear. Not gratuitously, but once in a while it’s nice to let off steam with a well-placed “damnit” or two, when running…
A Western, set in the south, featuring European gothic – what’s going on? Image courtesy of FOXTEL.

True Detective lassos the Yellow King in Hollywood South

This article contains spoilers. Ne raillons pas les fous; leur folie dure plus longtemps que la nôtre … Voila toute la difference. So begins The Repairer of Reputations, the opening story to Robert W Chambers…

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