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Narendra Modi has sent out mixed messages on women’s rights. EPA/Money Sharma

How will women in India fare under a Modi BJP government?

Narendra Modi’s BJP has won a massive election victory in India – the first time any party has secured an outright majority since the Congress Party won in 1984 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi…
A Bharatiya Janata Party official said people who don’t vote for Narendra Modi have no place in India and should move to Pakistan, taking campaigning to a new low. EPA/Divyakant Solanki

The meanest election India has ever seen

With results due in next week, campaigning for India’s 16th Lok Sabha (lower house) election is in its final stages. Commentators are calling this the meanest election India has ever seen, with mudslinging…
Not all that he seems. Modi supporters in Vadodara, India. Divyakant Solanki/EPA

Modi’s reputation for governance miracles is built on shaky ground

It seems highly likely that Narendra Modi will be the next elected prime minister of India. One reason for that has been a well-orchestrated campaign to represent Modi as some kind of legislative miracle…
Is India’s Higher Education sector capable of serving its burgeoning youth population? shutterstock

Why India’s universities can’t keep up with the masses

How can the Indian government improve the quality of education at the majority of the country’s universities, colleges and institutes? This is more than a question for questioning’s sake: it’s of vital…
Narendra Modi won’t back away from border disputes with China if he wins the Indian election. Al Jazeera English/Flickr

Modi won’t be soft on China if he wins Indian election

Considering India’s aspirations to be a global power, foreign policy has played but a minor role in the current election campaign. The manifestos of the major parties also say little on the subject, so…
Born in India, unlike his weapon. EPA

Why is India still the world’s largest arms importer?

India has been the world’s largest arms importer every year since 2010, as its defence industry struggles to keep up with its international ambitions. The volume of major weapons imports more than doubled…
Getting mighty crowded: 800m is a lot of people to get to the polls. EPA/Jagadeesh NV

Social media scrutiny promises a cleaner election in India

The first set of Indian constituencies goes to the polls on April 7 in what has been described as “the biggest election ever seen”. The scale of organisation needed to co-ordinate this democratic exercise…
Many of India’s systems and institutions are corrupt. Will India’s disaffected youth be judging their candidates based on this? AAP

Corruption provides a focus for India’s sprawling electoral contest

In some ways, India is the world in microcosm: 1.2 billion people, more than twice the population of the European Union, and a federation of 28 states (same as the EU), plus seven union territories. The…
The future for women could be brighter. agnihot

Indian women are more educated, but less employed

Indian women are more educated than they have ever been. Yet, the latest figures show that fewer of them are working. Some have attributed the decline to increased enrolment in education of younger population…
India and the Philippines want to be known for more than their global call centres.

Call centres and compromise: the changing face of outsourcing

When Qantas wished to outsource some of its engineering operations in the 1990s it came to a compromise with the unions - the 767s would be done in-house, and the 747s outsourced. Decades on, clashes between…
When 814 million Indians go to the polls next month, who will they choose? AAP

A view to lead India: who are the candidates?

India will go to the polls from April 5 to May 12 to choose between three party leaders for its next prime minister. The first is a seasoned politician and three-time chief minister, the Bharatiya Janata…
World’s biggest democracy: voters queue to register. EPA/Jaipal Singh

India goes to the polls in the biggest election ever seen

After weeks of waiting for the dates to be announced, the dates and process of the next election in the world’s largest democracy have been confirmed. On 9 separate days between April 7 and May 12, 814m…

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