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Part of the British American Tobacco Australia campaign launched today.

Big Tobacco’s death-defying campaign on plain packaging

The tobacco industry has launched a national media campaign today, questioning the Federal Government’s proposed plain packaging legislation. It will also release a series of confidential government documents…
Informative labelling can put us on the road to ethical choices. AAP

Want to avoid palm oil? You need a label

The most important factor determining whether consumers avoid purchasing a product containing palm oil is not how they feel about orangutans, the environment, or anything else for that matter. It’s whether…
NGOs, public health associations and consumer organisations disagree with industry groups about the most useful system for labelling our foods.

Food industry digs in heels over traffic light labels

The fight over how to label our food has never been more intense. On one side of the argument we have public health associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and consumer groups looking for effective…

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