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Louise Mensch was one of the first single-termers to leave our current parliament. Stefan Wermuth/PA Archive

The arrival (and departure) of the parliamentary single-termers

All university admissions tutors know about single-termers. They are those students – some badly advised and intellectually bewildered, others more devious – who decide around mid-November that they want…
What happens when it doesn’t add up? EPA/Daniel Deme

How negotiations over a hung parliament might work in 2015

Britain is now in full general election countdown mode – and the polls indicate another hung parliament is the most likely outcome on May 7. Gus O’Donnell, the former cabinet secretary, recently reflected…
What do you say Dave — five more years? Stefan Rousseau/PA Wir

Should the UK call time on fixed-term elections?

The UK is having what might be called a constitutional moment. In the wake of the Scottish referendum and after nearly five years of coalition government, the fundamental rules of the political game are…
Check your privilege before you speak. Eric Hossinger

Explainer: what is parliamentary privilege?

Labour MP Jim Hood is under scrutiny for making allegations about former home secretary Leon Brittan in the House of Commons. He was able to do so under what is known as parliamentary privilege. The British…
Standing behind his new leader. Stefan Rousseau/PA

Douglas Carswell by-election is a rare and honourable event

The least surprising part of Douglas Carswell’s defection to UKIP was surely his decision to resign his Clacton seat and seek re-election in a by-election. Quite apart from any satisfaction at the anxiety…
Speaker Bercow is in a pickle over his choice of clerk. PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

House of Commons clerk spat is more important than you think

As the Chief Officer of the House of Commons, the speaker is well used to being in the spotlight. But in recent weeks, John Bercow has dominated the airwaves more than at any point since his election in…
They’ve polished the benches and everything. UK Parliament

If lauding Thatcher was cause to recall parliament, why not Iraq?

MPs from all parties have called in recent weeks for parliament to be reconvened to enable them to debate the ongoing crisis in Iraq. They have met with unbending opposition. But David Cameron’s decision…
C'mon fellers – the 21st century is this way… Rebacca Naden/PA Wire

Forget quotas for women MPs – time to limit the number of men

When we talk about “gender quotas”, what we really mean is quotas for women. We see the under-representation of women as the problem that needs fixing. So we try to explain why there aren’t more women…

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