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New Zealand’s ancient tuatara might need a helping hand to cope with climate change. Flickr/Sheep"R"Us

Should we move species threatened by climate change?

Climate change is one of the greatest threats the world’s animals and plants are facing. In fact the world is facing an extinction crisis, which should concern all of us. The major problem with climate…
Intensifying El El Nino thanks to climate change will see lower rainfall over Australia. Flickr/AndyRobertsPhotos

Australia to see worse drought thanks to intensifying El Niño

Compiled in collaboration with Australian Science Media Centre. New research by the Bureau of Meteorology - published shows…
Our attitudes to genetic modification are based on how we feel about risk, technology and the pace of change. John Serrao

How values affect our attitudes to genetically modified food

As Rod Lamberts reminded us here recently, when it comes to debates on genetically modified (GM) foods, arguing about the validity of the science is about as effective as descending to name calling. That’s…
New technology allows online customers to ‘try on’ gear using 3D images taken with a smartphone camera. glasses.com

‘Virtual changerooms’ coming soon to a smartphone near you

We know buying clothes and accessories online carries a certain level of risk - what if the delivered product doesn’t fit or looks ridiculous? But thanks to research into augmented reality you could soon…
3D printing holds many advantages for the manufacturing industry, including the ability to print moving parts. John Biehler

Can 3D printing rebuild manufacturing in Australia?

It’s not easy being a small business in the current manufacturing environment. The face of manufacturing is changing, and businesses are eager for technological advances that could give them a competitive…
Foot and mouth disease wreaks havoc on the economies of countries where it breaks out. CSIRO

Australian agriculture’s biggest threat needs a global approach

Australia has been free of foot and mouth disease since 1872, but it is still considered the most serious biosecurity threat to Australia’s agricultural industries. A widespread outbreak could cost the…
Australian gold mines can yield as little as 1g of gold per tonne of rock – but X-rays can detect minuscule amounts of gold and save billions of dollars. Ben Cooper

Eureka! X-ray vision can find hidden gold

Globally, the minerals industry is operating in an increasingly challenging environment. Lower and more volatile metal prices, declining ore grades, increasing production costs, environmental pressures…

Pulsar study maps the stars

CSIRO scientists have written software that could guide spacecraft to Alpha Centauri, show that the planet Nibiru doesn’t…
The ground beneath our feet is full of riches. How do we make the most of them? Flickr/ginger_ninja

Election 2013 Issues: The ground beneath our feet

Welcome to the **The Conversation Election 2013 State of the Nation* essays. These articles by leading experts in their field provide an in-depth look at the key policy challenges affecting Australia as…
Catch of the day: a Harrisson’s Dogfish caught for field work in Bass Strait. David Maynard

Australian endangered species: Harrisson’s Dogfish

Note: since publishing Harrison’s Dogfish has been removed from the critically endangered list. It is now considered to be endangered. Harrisson’s Dogfish (Centrophorus harrissoni) is a small shark that…

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