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Curtin University

With more than 44,000 students, Curtin University is one of Australia’s largest tertiary institutions. Based in Perth, Western Australia, it boasts a strong international presence with campuses in Sydney, Singapore and Malaysia. Curtin offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, health sciences, humanities, Aboriginal studies, science and engineering. It is also recognised for its research in the areas of minerals and energy, ICT and emerging technologies, health and sustainable development.

Curtin University is a Member of The Conversation.



Jeff Wall, Untangling (1994, printed 2006), transparency in light box, AP 189.0 x 223.5 cm. National Gallery of Victoria

Art as Therapy? Art as Patriarchy!

Art as Therapy at Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) promises to “challenge visitors to examine assumptions about themselves, society, and how art is viewed in galleries”. And it would be right…

Goodbye iPod Classic

So, iPod Classic, you have been dumped. Since the most recent Apple event announcing new products you have been anything but on the shelf, and have instead completely disappeared from the Apple Store…

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