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Loving our monsters? We’ll learn more by researching sharks than by kiling them. ScreenWest/AAP

Relax, shark numbers aren’t booming, but more research can make us safer

The best way to guard against shark attacks is to study them, not kill them. Because while the alleged "shark boom" almost certainly not real, the more we know about sharks, the better.
Topless women gather near Iceland’s parliament in 2015 for the Free the Nipple campaign. AAP Image/NEWZULU/Halldor Sigurdsson

No, you’re not ‘hardwired’ to stare at women’s breasts

What is often overlooked in discussions about the sexual appeal of breasts is that they have not always been regarded as irresistibly attractive in all points in history and across all cultures.
Is Woody Allen an Irrational Man? Maybe not. Woody Allen at the Cannes screening of Irrational Man (2015) with cast members Emma Stone and Parker Posey. Benoit Tessier/Reuters

Irrational, man? Or a Kantian?

With Irrational Man (2015), there is no doubt about it, Woody Allen has done it again. Just what “it” is, however, is less immediately clear. I confess to taking an almost irrational enjoyment in the film…
Women who commit the same crime as men should in most cases receive lighter penalties. from

How can we mitigate the crime that is female over-imprisonment?

The undeniable difference between men and women when it comes to committing crime should be reflected in a fundamentally different approach to the sentencing of women.
Why do some people reach for the word “witch” to describe the women around them? Heks op de bezem, Kees Groeneveld, 1959.

Witches both mad and bad: a loaded word with an ugly history

Why did Peter Dutton choose 'witch' when describing Samantha Maiden? The word has a long history of misogyny – particularly towards outspoken or powerful women.
Donald Trump talking tough.

No, Donald Trump is not a fascist …

Donald Trump is many things. But he is not a fascist. Charges to the contrary have been made by commentators after Mr Trump controversially claimed in December 2015 that Muslims should not be allowed to…
Christmas time Christmas celebration.

Christmas Already? ‘Tis The Season to Think About Time

Well, it’s that time of year again – and there it is; just four words into an article on Christmas I’ve used the word ‘time.’ Among the hodge-podge of rituals and holidays that survive in the post-Christian…
It’s often sold as the ‘happiest time of year’ – but not in classic Christmas tales. Alice Popkorn

Bah, humbug: the misery of Christmas in classic literature

Most modern Christmas films angle for comedy with a touch of schmaltz, but literary Christmases frequently tap into the anxiety and sadness that can accompany the "happiest time of year".

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