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Federal Attorney-General George Brandis wants to remove green groups' blanket eligibility to challenge environmental approvals in the courts. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Brandis' changes to environmental laws will defang the watchdogs

The government plans to change the law so green groups don't automatically qualify to mount legal challenges against environmental approvals. That would make it much harder for green watchdogs to act.
Chocolate milk is well supported by research as ticking all the boxes for an effective exercise recovery drink. tracy benjamin/Flickr

Health Check: here’s what you need to know about protein supplements

The decision to use protein supplements is based more on marketing claims than anything else. They offer few real performance benefits that an athlete’s normal diet isn’t already delivering.
Calls to change Australia’s capital gains regime should revisit the last system before rushing in with changes. AAP/Lukas Coch

Tax reform and the simplistic nature of the capital gains tax discount

The issue of how to measure capital gains in "real terms" - that is, over the years they arose, rather than over a financial year, is at the heart of capital gains reform.
Viewers can stand, sit, or be positioned in patterns and relations that breach the traditional movie theatre encounter. Breaching Transmissions/Images courtesy of MIFF

Breaching Transmissions – can expanded cinema expand your mind?

Expanded cinema, a term coined in the mid-1960s by American experimental filmmaker Stan Vanderbeek, extends and enriches the way cinema can engage with its viewers. The art form is taken into galleries…
Senator Scott Ludlam said changes to arts funding will mean the minister will not need to publicly reveal funding recipients. True or false? AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

FactCheck: will the Arts Minister need to publicly disclose who he funds?

The Greens' Senator Scott Ludlam said changes to arts funding will mean arts minister George Brandis won't need to publicly disclose who he's funding. He said it's unbelievable -- but is it true?
The ornamental snake - one of the two species that the federal government failed to account for when approving the Carmichael mine. Stewart Macdonald/Wikimedia

Adani court case leaves the climate change question unanswered

The Federal Court has overturned federal environmental approval of the A$16.5 billion Adani’s coal mine project in central Queensland.
US President Barack Obama has unveiled the United States' most comprehensive climate policy so far. EPA/Michael Reynolds/AAP

Obama takes ‘biggest step’ on US climate policy: experts react

US President Barack Obama's new climate plan aims to cut greenhouse emissions from the nation's coal-dominated power sector by 32% by 2030. Will it get through, and how will it affect this year's climate talks?
Périot neither condemns nor romanticises extreme ‘resistance’ and ‘revolutionary’ actions, nor the state’s response. Images courtesy of MIFF

A German Youth brings the Red Army Faction to the Melbourne International Film Festival: review

Germany's Red Army Faction evolved from student protest to bombings, kidnappings and shootouts with police. The group transformed dissent into spectacular media event. This documentary picks up the story.
Research says this is not a constructive option. from

What are the best ways to discipline kids?

Showing your children affection and teaching them to see the consequences of their actions is more likely to promote good behaviour than smacking.
The public hearings of Victoria’s royal commission mark the next stage of changing how we see, and respond to, family violence. AAP/David Crosling

Submissions to family violence royal commission reveal a fragmented system

The royal commission presents a timely opportunity to greatly improve responses to family violence in Victoria. But as the volume of submissions reveal, this is a task not easily achieved.
The Australian government has instructed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop investing in wind. penagate/Flickr

The government should keep its hands off clean energy finance

Can the government tell its clean energy finance body what to invest in? Recent news that the Clean Energy Finance Corporation will be banned from investing in wind farms and small-scale solar suggest that the government is trying to do just that.
The entry into the market of new media and new players hasn’t altered the value of local content for people in regional and rural Australia. Wikipedia/Bidgee

The myths big media peddle to demand deregulation

Some of the bush tales about regional news that are circulating in the ongoing debate about media reform need to be debunked.

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