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En-tête des courriers de l’expédition. Auteur inconnu. Estampe sur papier. Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Le Havre

L’art au service de la science : retour sur l’incroyable expédition Baudin (1800-1804)

Il y a un peu plus de 200 ans, le capitaine français prit le large à la découverte de l’Australie. Avec son équipage composé de scientifiques, il en captura les beautés naturelles.
Singapore and Australia have a lot in common. Shutterstock

In a glass clearly: Singapore and Australia compared

You can drive across Singapore (population 5.5 million) in 45 minutes – roughly the same time it takes to reach Gawler from the Adelaide CBD. As an equatorial island, the climate is warm all the year round…
Combien d’espèces de grenouilles dans la photo ? La génétique indique que la réponse est souvent : « plus que vous pensez ». Michael Lee (Flinders University & South Australian Museum)

Biodiversité, combien de millions d’espèces ?

La Terre est couverte d'espèces variées, des plus grandes aux plus petites. Mais nous pensons maintenant qu’il pourrait y avoir dix fois plus d’espèces que l'on pensait à l’origine.
We can all reach for the stars in The Milky Way over Western Australia. Flickr/HuiChieh

We should encourage boys and girls to reach for the stars

The drive the get more women involved in science should start at an early age. But as one space researcher found out, girls can get nudged out of science at school.
How well did our experts’ predictions match the results at the ballot box? AAP/Richard Wainwright

State of the states: what were the issues and seats that mattered in Australia’s state and territories?

We reconvened our State of the states experts to respond to the results of the 2016 federal election.
Captain Nicolas Baudin set out to chart the coast of Australia, gathering incredible specimens and meeting Matthew Flinders along the way. John Ford 2002, Chart the Art of Discovery

Friday essay: the voyage of Nicolas Baudin and ‘art in the service of science’

A little over 200 years ago, the French captain Nicolas Baudin set out to map the uncharted coast of Australia. With a crew of scientists on board a 'floating laboratory', they recorded a snapshot of Australia before it was Australia.
In addition to a shortage of public toilets, current innovations in their design may not be suitable for an ageing population. AAP/City of Sydney

Caught short: we need to talk about public toilets

Millions of people need to be confident that suitable public toilets will be available when they leave their homes. A shortage of such facilities is a serious problem for an ageing population.
How many species of frog are in the picture? Genetics often says ‘more than we thought’. Michael Lee (Flinders University & South Australian Museum)

The Earth’s biodiversity could be much greater than we thought

The Earth is full of many varied species from the largest mammals to the tiniest organisms. But we now think there could be ten times more species than was originally thought.
What are the criteria for a Prime Minister intervening in these awards? Literary reasons? Personal reasons? ‘History war’ reasons? Michael Tapp

Why the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards need an urgent overhaul

They should be our pre-eminent national writing prizes. Instead, these awards bob on the vast sea of daily politics, occasionally getting dumped by a breaker.
An anaconda peers above and below the water. Did snakes evolve on land or underwater? Michael Lee (Flinders University & South Australian Museum)

Did snakes evolve from ancient sea serpents?

One of the enduring controversies in evolution is why snakes evolved their long, limbless bodies. A new study suggests snakes may have lost their legs at sea, before crawling ashore.
Jason Watkins and Jane Horrocks, as Gavin and Julie in Trollied, elevate anxiety to an art-form. Sky1

Trollied: serves you (just) right

For the comic protagonist, the literary critic Northrop Frye once observed, life is something you get through. While tragic characters die in plangent splendour, and Marvel superheroes vanquish tech-spangled…
A bucket of chips contains around 275mg of sodium, which accounts for 16% of an adult’s daily limit. Darkkong/Shutterstock

Health Check: how much salt is OK to eat?

Around 60% of Australians over the age of two years exceeded the recommended daily maximum intake of salt.

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