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Monash University was established in 1958 and welcomed its first intake of students in 1961. In its fifty year history, the university has established itself as one of Australia’s finest tertiary institutions, building an enviable reputation for both its outstanding teaching and its transformative research. Today, Monash is Australia’s largest university, boasting a global network of more than 250,000 alumni.


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A team effort: Dr David Reitze, of the LIGO Laboratory at Caltech, shows the merging of two black holes that led to the detection of gravitational waves. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Australia’s part in the global effort to discover gravitational waves

The discovery of gravitational waves involved a team of more than 1,000 scientists from across the globe, including Australia. So how does such an international collaboration work?
Even if Zika sometimes causes pregnant mothers to have babies with microcephaly, this does not necessarily mean every infected mother would have an affected baby. coniferconifer/Flickr

What are the real risks of Zika?

Despite all the hype around Zika, crucial questions remain unanswered. How great is the risk that infection during pregnancy would result in a baby with microcephaly? And what can be done to prevent this?
Girls are socialised early and told normal functions of the female body must be spoken of, if at all, in strictest privacy, indirectly, and not to men. from

Vulvas, periods and leaks: women need the right words to seek help for conditions ‘down there’

There are endless euphemisms for women's conditions and body parts. If you can't name a body part, how can you seek medical help if something appears to be wrong with it?
A reported 350 jobs will be cut from CSIRO’s staff. David McClenaghan/CSIRO/Wikimedia Commons

CSIRO is poised to slash climate research jobs – experts react

CSIRO is set to cut dozens of jobs from its climate research units, as part of a wider series of job losses to be formally announced today.

Simplifying payment card regulation

Payment card fees are ridiculously complex. When you pay by a card, the merchant pays a fee to its bank. Sometimes it will pass some, all, or more of the fee through to you, the customer, through a surcharge…
John Curtin and Ben Chifley were successful in expanding the power of the Commonwealth – and thus that of the prime minister. AAP/Alan Porritt

Lacking a script, individuals drove the evolution of prime ministerial power

Alfred Deakin and his contemporaries invented the Australian prime ministership. But it was not settled as a platform for national leadership until John Curtin and Ben Chifley's time.
Vladimir Poutine et Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, en 2015. Moscou va construire la centrale nucléaire de Dabaa en Égypte. RIA Novosti/Reuters

L’Afrique façonne son avenir nucléaire (avec Moscou et Pékin)

L’intérêt pour l’énergie nucléaire, soutenu par des entreprises russes et chinoises, va grandissant sur le continent africain malgré les inquiétudes des spécialistes concernant la sécurité.
Celeb fitness guru Michelle Bridges has come under fire for recommending women jog soon after giving birth. from

Should women exercise during and after pregnancy?

Michelle Bridges was this week branded “irresponsible” following an Instagram post of her workout one month after giving birth.

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