UCL was established in 1826 to open up education in England for the first time to students of any race, class or religion. Its founding principles of academic excellence and research aimed at addressing real-world problems, inform the university’s ethos to this day.

More than 6,000 academic and research staff are dedicated to research and teaching of the highest standards. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 29 former academics and graduates and UCL ranks consistently amongst the most-cited universities in the world.

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As London’s Global University, UCL has the opportunity and the obligation to use the breadth of its intellectual expertise to help resolve some of the world’s major problems. We are seizing this opportunity to develop an innovative cross-disciplinary research agenda, which will enable us to understand and address significant issues in their full complexity. Our vision extends beyond the common understanding of what a university is; we aim not just to generate knowledge, but to deliver a culture of wisdom – that is, an academic environment committed to the judicious application of knowledge for the good of humanity.

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New research holds promise of a shorter treatment course for people with drugresistant- TB. Daniel Irungu/EPA

Drug-resistant TB: a new study offers new hope

New research shows that the treatment of drug resistant-TB can be reduced from the current duration of 20 to 24 months to less than a year.
La impresión de Wilhem Berrouet de la llegada de Colón a América. Museo Ogier-Fombrun (Museo Colonial de Haiti). Salon de la Mappemonde/Flickr

La colonización de América acabó con el 10% de la población mundial y provocó un enfriamiento global

La llegada de los europeos a América costó la vida a 60 millones de nativos y produjo una pequeña edad de hielo. Sin embargo, supuso el primer contacto de América con el resto del mundo, dando paso a una nueva era.

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