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The University of Calgary is a publicly funded research-intensive university founded in 1966, with 14 faculties offering more than 250 academic programs, and more than 50 research institutes and centres. As one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities, UCalgary combines the best of university tradition with the City of Calgary’s vibrant energy and diversity. Combining our commitment to excellence in research and scholarship, a high-quality learning environment, and our deep connections with the Calgary community, we provide students the opportunity to shape their future and become productive citizens and leaders in a complex world.


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Les gestes posés à la maison, comme composter ou reverdir, poussent au changement des habitudes collectives et diminuent notre emprunte écologique. Shutterstock

Être écoresponsable, ça commence chez vous : voici cinq façons d’y arriver

Près de la moitié des émissions de gaz à effet de serre au Canada émanent de nos foyers. Voici cinq façons de les réduire.
Les travailleurs indépendants sont-ils seuls et isolés? Ou autonomes et libérés? Une nouvelle étude suggère que ces personnes qu’on imagine libres se sentent plutôt seules et impuissantes. Shutterstock

Les travailleurs de l’économie des petits boulots se sentent seuls et impuissants

L'avenir du marché du travail pourrait être solitaire et incertain pour de nombreux travailleurs.
Students involved with the Resilient Schools Consortium in New York City quickly grasped the need for climate resiliency in their school buildings. Students from Mark Twain Intermediate School are seen here in October 2017. (Heather Sioux)

Students become school boiler-room sleuths to assess climate change risks

After Hurricane Sandy, educators in New York City partnered with environmental and governmental organizations to put youth at the centre of preparing for risks and hazards in their school buildings.
The practise of smearing microbes from mom’s vagina to the mouth, nose or skin of a baby born from Caesarean section is called ‘vaginal seeding.’ It aims to boost the child’s immune system. (Shutterstock)

What is ‘vaginal seeding’ and will it help your C-section baby?

A recent study of the newborn microbiome revealed that babies delivered via C-section were missing friendly bacteria and had picked up harmful microbes usually found in hospital environments.
John Legend and Kelly Clarkson released their version of Frank Loesser’s 1949 ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’ Here they appear at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, 2018, in Las Vegas. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Baby, it’s cold outside — but it’s heating up on social media

In the #MeToo era, who better than People magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' 2019 to remind us that consent is sexy by rewriting outdated lyrics?
Are gig workers lonely and isolated? Or independent and liberated? New research suggests despite assumptions about freedom, gig workers report feeling lonely and powerless. (Unsplash)

Workers in the gig economy feel lonely and powerless

An upcoming study on workers in the gig economy suggests the future of work may be a lonely and uncertain one for many workers.
Les enfants apprennent en explorant le monde avec leurs mains, ce qui leur permet de développer leur motricité fine. Shutterstock

Lire et écrire : tout part des mains

L’élégance et la polyvalence inégalées de la main humaine, et ses connexions avec le cerveau, se trouvent derrière la façon dont les humains apprennent à lire et à écrire.
Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett (95) hits Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph (2) with a helmet during a National Football League game Nov. 14, 2019. (AP Photo/David Richard)

Myles Garrett, Don Cherry and the changing nature of the sports boys club

Attempts to disrupt or challenge normative, sporty masculinity has been met by outrage by those who cannot see nor hear the tribalism and male privilege of masculinized spaces like locker rooms.
Children learn through exploring the world with their hands — and they develop important fine motor skills through this. (Shutterstock)

Writing and reading starts with children’s hands-on play

Unparalleled elegance and versatility in the design of the human hand, and the hand's connections with the brain, lie behind how humans learn to read and write.
When a student dies by suicide, university communities grapple with the fact that an opportunity for a suffering person to receive help was missed. (Pexels)

Compassionate ‘zero-suicide’ prevention on campuses urgently needed

As universities advocate for 'zero suicide' frameworks, it is important for university leaders to work at suicide awareness, prevention and response, and to reinforce a culture of compassion.
The system of ‘birth alerts’ across Canada perpetuates the removal of children from Indigenous families begun by residential schools. Pictured here: a historical report on residential schools released by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck)

British Columbia’s ban on ‘birth alerts:’ A guiding light on the road to reconciliation

To make meaningful progress on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Calls to Action, all provinces and territories should promptly follow B.C. and ban discriminatory 'birth alerts.'
Recent revelations about the lack of privacy protections in place at the companies involved in Facebook’s new Libra crytocurrency raise concerns about how much trust users can place in Libra. (Shutterstock)

Buyer beware: How Libra differs from Bitcoin

Recent revelations about the lack of privacy protections in place at the companies on Libra’s foundation raise concerns about how much trust users can place in Facebook's new cryptocurrency.
Reading books with your child means children learn to connect reading with feelings of warmth and sharing. (Shutterstock)

Parents play a key role in fostering children’s love of reading

Early experiences sharing and developing positive connections, language and communication set the stage for home reading to start children on the path to literacy.

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