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The University of Calgary is a publicly funded research-intensive university founded in 1966, with 14 faculties offering more than 250 academic programs, and more than 50 research institutes and centres. As one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities, UCalgary combines the best of university tradition with the City of Calgary’s vibrant energy and diversity. Combining our commitment to excellence in research and scholarship, a high-quality learning environment, and our deep connections with the Calgary community, we provide students the opportunity to shape their future and become productive citizens and leaders in a complex world.


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Une étude récente montre qu'un certain niveau d'insomnie est présent chez les deux tiers des adolescents qui tardent à se rétablir d'une commotion cérébrale. Shutterstock

Commotion cérébrale chez les jeunes : le sommeil est essentiel pour bien récupérer

La thérapie cognitivo-comportementale a permis la rémission de l'insomnie chez 80 à 90 pour cent des adolescents participant à l'étude et a amélioré leur rétablissement global.
Jody Wilson-Raybould embrasse le premier ministre Justin Trudeau après le discours de ce dernier à la Chambre des communes sur la reconnaissance et la mise en oeuvre des droits autochtones, le 14 février 2018. La Presse Canadienne/Justin Tang

SNC-Lavalin: Trudeau a-t-il fait preuve de misogynie?

Les hommes, particulièrement ceux de milieux privilégiés, fonctionnent selon le principe implicite qu’ils peuvent compter sur le soutien moral des femmes ainsi que sur leur admiration.
Older generations have sometimes been shocked that some younger people can’t read a handwritten note. (Shutterstock)

Why cursive handwriting needs to make a school comeback

Developing fluency in handwriting matters for literacy outcomes, and handwriting is an elegant testimony to the unique power of the human voice.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embraced by Jody Wilson-Raybould after delivering a speech on the recognition and implementation of Indigenous rights in in the House of Commons on Feb. 14, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Trudeau’s response to the SNC-Lavalin affair shows structural misogyny in action

A firm PMO policy on respecting the political independence of the attorney general might have served Justin Trudeau better when Jody Wilson-Raybould first cautioned him against interfering in the SNC-Lavalin case.
Whooping cranes, a critically endangered species, breed in one location, a wetland in Wood Buffalo National Park. Yet a federal-provincial review panel has approved an oilsands mine that could kill some of the birds. (Shutterstock)

Energy development wins when it’s pitted against endangered species

Are our brains wired to favour growth over environmentally rational decisions?
Occasional voters don’t respond well to guilt trips when organizations try to encourage them to cast ballots. Research suggests other methods are more successful. Unsplash

How to encourage the occasional voter to cast a ballot

Encouraging people to vote involves changing the discourse. Guilt trips are ineffective.
Friendliness to newcomers is not translating into friendship in schools, finds one study. Here, a youth receives her Certificate of Citizenship from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Citizenship Judge Marie Senecal-Tremblay on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on April 17, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Newcomers and Canadian high school students are friendly, but not friends

How to support students from diverse backgrounds to appreciate the inherent value of engaging one another in close friendships remains a question for educators.
There are many daily ways math can be relevant to children – from using money to matching or counting cards. (Shutterstock)

Math challenges? A school psychologist could help

Children’s perspectives on math develop at a very young age and have longstanding effects, so it matters that families and teachers promote positive engagement with math skills.
Ultimately, just as in pregnancy, there is no known safe level of alcohol consumption while breastfeeding. (Shutterstock)

Is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Does beer help a new mother's milk come in? Does 'pumping and dumping' allow you to drink and breast-feed? A doctor sorts the evidence from the myth.
Sunflowers and luffa vines — related to cucumber, gourd and squash — are tended by a Community Roots participant and mentor in a Brooklyn school community garden with their instructor (right). (Pieranna Pieroni)

At a New York City garden, students grow their community roots and critical consciousness

Urban gardening is a departure point for learning about land and relationships, as well as food, consumer culture and social activism.
We need many more funded research studies to fully understand exactly how CBD might play a role in the treatment of opioid use disorder. (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan, File)

Cannabis: Misinformation about CBD can be life-threatening

There is no evidence yet that cannabidiol (CBD) is effective in treating heroin addiction, despite news headlines claiming this.
Un brouillard de fumée causé par les feux de forêt dans la région envahit Vancouver, en Colombie-Britannique. Il est devenu essentiel de tarifer le carbone. Shutterstock

Les changements climatiques sont un risque pour la santé et les économistes ont la bonne solution

Du coup de chaleur à l'asthme en passant par la maladie de Lyme, le changement climatique pose déjà un risque sérieux pour la santé. Il est essentiel désormais de tarifer le carbone.
Explicitly teaching graduate students project management - a skill set they typically learn through trial and error - could mean better research and employability. (Shutterstock)

How universities can really help PhD grads get jobs

Graduate students have much to offer the non-academic workforce based on critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Universities need to help them articulate these skills for employers.
Although guidelines suggest that developmental delays, including language delays, are ideally diagnosed by age three, most diagnoses don’t occur until age four or five. (Shutterstock)

New research suggests three profiles of communication delays in early childhood

Language milestones matter not as the final word, but as possible signals about where children might be struggling and how they can be best supported to reach their full potential.
Les programmes d'éducation à la sexualité à l'école sont essentiels pour enseigner aux jeunes comment devenir des citoyens numériques responsables et assurer leur sécurité. Shutterstock

Le sextage est lié une vie sexuelle plus active, à la consommation de drogues et à l'anxiété chez les ados

Les jeunes qui s'adonnent au sextage sont quatre fois plus actifs sexuellement, cinq fois plus susceptibles d'avoir eu plusieurs partenaires et deux fois moins enclins à utiliser la contraception.

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