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A banking crash killed the Wall St bull market. Robin Stevens

Banking’s future depends on learning lessons from the past

A bank in trouble negotiates with its regulatory authorities and other banks for support, but is refused a bail out and closes abruptly, sparking a global contraction as its obligations are left unhonoured…
Houses should be homes, not assets. Chris Radburn/PA

House prices need to be stabilised, not capped

Amid all the noise around UK housing policy, it is worth taking a step back and asking a deeper question about our property market. Yes, another bubble would be damaging for the UK economy and especially…
A sore sight for young eyes? EEPaul

Young Britons should vote early, and vote often

Australia goes to the polls this weekend to choose between two unpopular candidates: the incumbent, Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd has a net approval rating of -9 (representing approval rating minus disapproval…
Raised aspirations can help Indian sex workers escape poverty. Gates Foundation

Raise aspirations to break the poverty trap

Why do some people get stuck in poverty? Most answers to this question start with the idea that external constraints trap people in poverty. These constraints could take the form of malfunctioning credit…
Oil on the water: Russian environmental problems are commonplace, but who’s watching? Denis Sinyakov/Greenpeace

Russia’s crumbling environmental safeguards

The Russian state’s engagement with environmental concerns is complicated, carrying as it does a heavy legacy from Soviet times. From the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster (in what is Ukraine…
d aef z.

Energy security moving up the media agenda

If only months ago energy security was a vague and seemingly irrelevant issue to most ordinary people, the public have had a rude awakening in recent days – as last week’s National Grid proposal to limit…
The new currency of an independent Scotland? Christian Cable

Deep-fried independence debate is backdrop to Farage furore

He came, he saw, he was chased into a pub. Nigel Farage plunged into the multi-polar world of Scottish politics yesterday. And took a hiding. Farage appears to have been surprised that his brand of populism…
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has reason to grin after his party’s success in the recent Eastleigh by election. Jennifer Jane Mills

Dinner party politics: Murdoch courts Farage as UKIP’s star rises

Just days after the Eurosceptic UK Independence party beat the Conservative government into second place in the Eastleigh by-election, it was revealed that media tycoon Rupert Murdoch invited Nigel Farage…
David Cameron’s 2006 campaign to “vote blue, go green” was discarded under a double dip recession - but could he now pick up on Obama’s State of the Union lead?

Will the UK pick up on Obama’s lead in climate policy?

In Wednesday’s state of the union address, US President Barack Obama threw down the gauntlet to Congress on climate change action - and in the process, cemented the re-prioritisation of the issue which…
Glasses that mediate between the user and reality – it sounds like sci-fi but it’s not. Cristoph Dernbach, EPA

Google Glass: augmenting minds or helping us sleepwalk?

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google along with Larry Page, was photographed recently on the New York subway wearing Google Glass, the company’s latest offering to augment your mind. But will our minds be…

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