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A drain carries water but does little else, but imagine how different the neighbourhood would be if the drain could be transformed into a living stream. Zoe Myers

More than just drains: recreating living streams through the suburbs

Drains take up precious but inaccessible open space in our cities. Converting these to living streams running through the suburbs could make for healthier places in multiple ways.
Vous avez pris l'habitude d'installer régulièrement des mises à jour sur votre smartphone ? Vous allez pouvoir en faire de même avec votre voiture. Shutterstock

Bientôt, vous mettrez à jour votre voiture comme votre smartphone

Les clients de certains constructeurs automobiles reçoivent déjà des mises à jour de leur véhicule via Internet. Un système appelé à se généraliser, malgré les craintes qu’il suscite.
Bayi yang dilahirkan oleh ibu yang stres semasa hamil lebih rentan terkena asma dan alergi pada masa kanak-kanak, serta lebih sering dirawat di rumah sakit akibat penyakit menular seperti gangguan pernapasan dan gastroenteritis.

Apakah stres pada masa kehamilan dapat membahayakan bayi saya?

Para wanita hamil tentu sudah akrab dengan nasihat kesehatan untuk berhenti merokok dan menghindari alkohol, tetapi tak banyak saran mengenai stres semasa kehamilan.
Les personnes qui travaillent toute la journée assises pourraient connaître des probèmes de régulation du glucose, qui est le principal carburant du cerveau. Shutterstock

Rester trop longtemps assis nuit à votre cerveau

Plusieurs études suggèrent que l’approvisionnement du cerveau en glucose est défaillant chez les personnes qui passent beaucoup de temps assises. L’impact réel sur la santé cérébrale reste incertain.
Many health professionals don’t know how to support transgender young people when they seek help. from

Almost half of trans young people try to end their lives. How can we reduce this alarming statistic?

We all have a responsibility to improve the well-being of Australian young people, and the current rates of poor mental health in our trans young people aren't good enough.
Generic plotting of ‘green space’ on an urban plan does not target mental wellbeing unless it is designed to engage us with the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Zoe Myers

Green for wellbeing – science tells us how to design urban spaces that heal us

Successful parks and urban green spaces encourage us to linger, to rest, to walk for longer. That, in turn, provides the time to maximise the restorative mental benefits.
Women are vigilant about avoiding alcohol and smoking during pregnancy, but what about stress? Camila Cordeiro/Unsplash

Health Check: can stress during pregnancy harm my baby?

Most pregnant women are aware of the advice to quit smoking, avoid alcohol, and fear soft cheese, but much less is done to avoid stress during pregnancy, despite its harms.
Gig workers are characterised as contractors rather than employees, and are paid per delivery rather than per hour. That’s why certain visa restrictions don’t apply to them. Charles Platiau/Reuters

Being exploited and breaching your visa: the limited choices of the food delivery worker

Whether or not food delivery workers feel exploited is irrelevant, because they have few other options.
The National School Chaplaincy Program, introduced in 2007, is available in more than 3,000 Australian schools. from

Religious classes in schools must adapt to fit a changing Australia

Religious education offered in Australian state schools has variations in the quality of delivery and limited provisions for the students who opt out.

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