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The University of Winchester is the university for sustainability and social justice. Established in 1840 by the Church of England, our high-quality teaching and research are underpinned by our values: compassion, individuals matter and spirituality.

Driven by a commitment to make a difference, the University has a growing reputation for research excellence and innovation across our academic disciplines, as we continue to deliver impact at regional, national and international level.

Our research themes are:

  • Understanding society, culture and the arts
  • Exploring the past and the world around us
  • Enhancing wellbeing, nurturing the individual, and
  • Building a sustainable and responsible future.

Pioneering work in sustainability and social responsibility has earned the University of Winchester a place in the top 100 of the first-ever global Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings, and placed second overall in the UK for Quality Education.


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Les enfants uniques ne sont pas plus susceptibles d'être égoïstes ou narcissiques que les autres. Shutterstock

Les mythes sur l’enfant unique déboulonnés

Les enfants uniques ne sont pas plus susceptibles d’être égoïstes ou narcissiques que ceux qui ont des frères ou soeurs.

Desmontando el mito del hijo único

Los hijos únicos tienden a ser más inteligentes y a obtener mejores resultados académicos que las personas con hermanos. Y, sin embargo, aún pesan sobre ellos muchos estereotipos (egoístas, caprichosos...) que la psicología moderna se ha encargado de desmontar.
Will Pucovski recently opened up about dealing with mental health issues, a message the media and the sporting community welcomed with warmth and understanding. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Big men do cry: cricketers are leading the charge for inclusive masculinity

Rising Australian cricket star Will Pucovski is one of a recent trio of professional cricketers to take a break from playing to boost their mental well-being.
The NSW Blues’ Cody Walker is one of several players who will remain silent during the Australian national anthem at Wednesday’s State of Origin match. Dean Lewins/AAP

Our national anthem is non-inclusive: Indigenous Australians shouldn’t have to sing it

Several Indigenous rugby league players have vowed not to sing the national anthem during this week's State of Origin match. Will the protest spark a conversation, or fizzle out?
The Sharks’ Ben Barba (centre) was sacked by his club after allegations he assaulted his partner. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

Rugby league may finally have reached its tipping point on player behaviour and violence

NRL's culture was once one of hyper-masculinity, but it has failed to change wth societal mores – it now finds itself out of step and in need of reform.
The Melbourne Cricket Ground is known to Melburnians simply as the ‘G and is host to a range of sports including Australian Football League and soccer, as well as other events. Shutterstock

Australians love their sport, but investing in new venues is another matter

The main sporting venues in Australian capitals have had an upgrade in recent times, with the notable exception of Sydney, where leaders seem mired in indecision and political bickering.
When public money is at stake, such as in the redevelopment of the Western Sydney Stadium (artist’s rendering shown), people have a right to expect more. Infrastructure New South Wales

Note to governments: sports stadiums should benefit everyone, not just fans

As the contentious Sydney Football Stadium redevelopment shows, Australians want their sports grounds to be of benefit to the whole community, not just sports fans and the elite.

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