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Want to be happy? It’s all about the green.

It’s official: city parks make us happy

Spending time with nature in our cities’ parks and gardens can improve individual satisfaction in life and make us less aggressive, anxious and stressed. So isn’t it time we placed access to nature alongside…
Sadness is a natural human emotion. D Sharon Pruitt/Flickr.

Is the promotion of happiness making us sad?

Western culture places an extraordinary emphasis on happiness – and continuous happiness – as the goal each of us should strive for in our lives. But we’re increasingly realising this goal may actually…

Australians happiest after retirement

People are at their happiest at retirement age and most miserable in their geriatric years, a new study has found. The idea…
Go on, give us a smile. It’ll make the country a better place to be. Flickr/ToniVC

Your country needs you to be happy. Just not overly so.

Be happy for the good of your country. Happy people save more and consume less because they are concerned with the future rather than today. Their savings will be transferred into investment which is a…

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