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In Blade Runner 2049, a holographic artificial intelligence character, “Joi,” is marketed as a personal companion to the protagonist, “K.” (Handout)

Blade Runner 2049 misses mark on artificial intelligence

Blade Runner 2049 misses modern strides in artificial intelligence, which is now capable of performing creative work alongside humans.
John Fead, Shakespeare and his contemporaries, 1851. Wikimedia

Shakespeare’s lost playhouse – now under a supermarket

The first recorded performance of the theatre company that Shakespeare co-founded was at a playhouse south of the Thames, but was lost to historians for centuries. Now we know where it lies.
Harvard’s recent CRISPR experiment isn’t just a new frontier for science – it’s also a new take on how we conceive of human history. gopixa/

Will whoever controls gene editing control historical memory?

The CRISPR gene-editing technique raises new questions about how we measure time and conceptualise history. Here, a cultural theorist takes on the philosophical side of this scientific breakthrough.

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