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No one really wants to think about getting old, or about how climate change will affect us. But we can prepare for both. kamshots/Flickr

Who wants to prepare for the future?

For most of us, preparing for the future means having a retirement fund and health coverage, choosing our preferred tree change or sea change option and keeping on the good side of the relatives who will…
As climate change continues to affect our infrastructure and society in unpredictable ways, we’ll just have to keep adapting. Justin Lane EPA

No ribbon to cut: climate change adaptation never ends

Besides the recent polarised debates about the carbon tax, another response to climate change is underway in Australia. It’s much quieter, less contested, and it seems to attract support from across the…
Extreme weather events, including heat waves, floods and cyclones, are projected to become more frequent.

Experts urge caution when rebuilding after disaster

As Australia prepares for a season of heatwaves, bush fires and other extreme weather events, experts have urged disaster-hit…
Scientists need to feel confident to speak out about the dangers of coming extreme weather. Ramin Talai/EPA

Is Australia prepared for a storm like Sandy?

Last week the global landscape of mitigating and managing disasters changed forever. We heard the news of six Italian scientists charged for manslaughter and jailed for six years each for failing to predict…
CSIRO’s ‘Our Future World’ report predicts more conflicts over scarce resources, including water. AAP

CSIRO defines six ‘megatrends’ that will change our lives

Humanity will find new ways to do more with less, climate change will have a far-reaching impact, and personal experiences…
Scientists have suggested using shade cloth to protect corals from the heat stress that leads to coral bleaching. AAP

Shade cloth over reefs? Scientists call for ‘last resort’ measures

Unconventional tactics, including using shade cloth to protect corals from heat stress, must form part of future ocean management…
Little penguins are among a number of species that are threatened by climate change. AAP/Rick Stevens

Ocean winners and losers revealed in Marine Report Card

Fish are on the move in Australia’s waters. In southern Australia, scientists, commercial and recreational fishers, divers and beach-goers are reporting the presence of new species. The movement of species…
Sign of things to come: a depleted Lake Hume in 2007, when the big dry still had a couple years to run. Flickr/Tim J Keegan

Climate change and Victoria: high time to innovate, adapt, and cope

Victoria has entered a critical decade in the race to adapt for the stresses of climate change, according to a new report from the Climate Commission. Following the release of Victorian climate impacts…
Sometimes even the clearest signs of change are ignored. Flickr/baldeaglebluff

Adapting to climate change: more questions than answers!

With increasing global greenhouse gas emissions, and no clear internationally-agreed path for emission reductions, we are faced with a global climate that will be at least two degrees warmer than today…

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