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It’s hard for a human to keep an eye all the players’ performance in any game, such as this typical AFL match at the MCG in Melbourne. So let the machines do all the work. Flickr/Sascha Wenninger

Games by numbers: machine learning is changing sport

When it comes to keeping an eye on all the action in sport a coach can only see so much. But machine learning can crunch all the data and look for improvements.
What’s changed since the ACC report was handed down? Flickr/ hitthatswitch

One year on – the real doping scandals of 2013

A year after the “darkest day in Australian sport” the catastrophic bang has led to an all too predictable whimper. The days after the Australian Crime Commission’s report Organised Crime and Drugs in…
Bradley Wiggins, Tour de Force. Josh Hallett

What does it take to be an elite athlete? Depends on the sport

Wherever we look there seems to be amazing feats of physical, mental and skilled endeavour in sport. Cycling is often cited as one of the most elite and the climax of the Tour of Britain yesterday saw…

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