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Popular Latino musicians like Café Tacvba didn’t make an appearance. Ruy Landa/Flickr

Where were the Latinos at South by Southwest?

At an event that bills itself as 'the place to preview the technology of tomorrow today,' one of the fastest-growing, youngest and most tech-savvy segments of the population was largely ignored.
When the printing presses stop rolling, digital subscriptions will not be enough to make up the revenue shortfall at Fairfax. Julian Smith/AAP

Fairfax has a plan, but it’s not the paywall

With digital subscriptions barely registering on the revenue front, media companies are staking their hopes on alternative revenue sources.
Jon Stewart’s tenure at The Daily Show may ultimately be remembered more for how he skewered the mainstream media than for the laughs he generated. Jason Reed/Reuters

The Daily Show was never ‘real’ news – but came (depressingly) close

Jon Stewart’s Tuesday night announcement that he’ll be leaving the Daily Show garnered an audible cry of disbelief from his live studio audience. Stewart himself was visibly emotional: “What is this fluid…
Fairfax journalists strike in Melbourne in 2012. Around 15% of the Australian journalist workforce was made redundant last year. AAP Image/Julian Smith)

New beats: where do redundant journalists go?

You’ve probably heard the news: the Australian media is experiencing the most serious contraction in its history. The rise of online and mobile media has led to the collapse of the classified advertising…
Journalists break and analyse news using a variety of media, as they should. clasesdeperiodismo

Walkley Awards recognise online journalism – it’s time we all did

The winners of this year’s Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism will be announced in Brisbane tonight. For the first time, the 2013 awards include prizes for Multimedia Storytelling and Podcast…
The New York Times launched its paywall in 2011 and in the most recent quarter claimed US$37.7 million in digital subscription revenue. Andre-Pierre/Flickr

Making sense of Fairfax’s paywall figures

Media companies are failing to deliver transparency about their digital subscriptions, as my recent study about paywalls found. The research of paywalls in eight countries found paid online content presents…
Giant iPads: the only way to make Shepard Smith’s tan look subtle. Fox News

Fox lays down newsroom gauntlet with ludicrous giant iPads

In the autumn of 1997, a group assembled from across the BBC and beyond gathered to take part in a seminal moment of broadcasting history: the launch of the BBC’s first 24-hour news channel. The 24-hour…
Learn from the master to take over the world. fugutabetai shyashin

Five things the Washington Post can learn from Amazon

The Washington Post’s purchase by Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos is the latest example of a new generation of internet moguls spending big on pet projects. It was also revealed this week that Google…
Media giant Fairfax has been plagued by board troubles and company indecision, according to a new book. AAP/Julian Smith

Billions lost, boards to blame: Colleen Ryan on the rise and fall of Fairfax

In the same week that Colleen Ryan’s tell-all book Fairfax: The Rise and Fall hits bookstores, Fairfax’s two biggest metropolitan newspapers will place their content behind a metered digital paywall. If…
There’s more information than ever before today but less journalists to cover it. Can institutional corruption still be brought to light? Ahmad Hashim

‘Kindred souls’ exposing abuses of power: journalism in the information age

More then ever, we are awash in information. With the advent of the internet, search engines and now more than two billion people wired users globally, information “has become the modern era’s defining…
News Limited CEO Kim Williams has been forced to change tack on the online newspaper paywall model for the company’s metro mastheads. AAP/Joe Castro

The News Limited paywall dilemma: how to avoid competing against yourself

You could almost feel sorry for newspaper owners. The internet is smashing their hard copy advertising revenue and they have yet to work out how to make money out of their online editions. It is just over…
Like them or loathe them, advertorials are now a recognised part of the mainstream press, and a key source of revenue for struggling media organisations. AAP/Dean Lewins

Paddy Manning was wrong - in defence of advertorials

RMIT professor Sinclair Davidson has recently defended the actions of journalist Paddy Manning, who was dismissed from Fairfax after writing an article in Crikey critical of what he called “advertorial…
Has Julian Assange’s whistleblower website WikiLeaks set a ‘new normal’ for investigative journalism in the mainstream press? EPA/STR

Wikiworld: the future of investigative journalism

If you are a crooked corporate mogul, property tycoon or prominent politician, chances are you are sweating a little bit this week. Sure, your millions of secret tax-evading dollars are - for the moment…
The problem with Fairfax’s “soft paywall” is that many readers may sample as much content as they can before going elsewhere. Image from www.shutterstock.com

A paywall is not enough —Fairfax must become bespoke or fail

Fairfax Media is introducing a “soft” paywall for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). Initially, the paywall will only affect readers outside Australia, but a domestic version will follow. Fairfax…
BBC Director-General George Entwistle has been forced to resign, plunging the public broadcaster into crisis. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

BBC scandal: lessons for the ABC to learn

As the BBC considers splitting the role of its chief executive and editor-in-chief, should the ABC give serious thought to adopting a similar model? The ongoing turmoil at the BBC over an ever widening…
Roger Corbett told shareholders at today’s AGM that Fairfax Media was in good stead for the future, despite the price of the company’s stock falling by half its value since the beginning of the year. AAP

Fairfax’s strategy for ‘structural change’ does little to shake that sinking feeling

The Fairfax Media AGM took place in Melbourne today against a backdrop of financial meltdown in the company’s fortunes. The share price — currently at 38 cents — has halved since the beginning of the year…

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