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Youth unemployment

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Know what they’re looking for. Succesful businessman via docstockmedia/Shutterstock

What makes a business graduate more employable?

The moment an undergraduate student starts a business degree, their mind is already geared to the job offers they hope will be coming thick and fast upon graduation. Yet there is an ongoing mismatch between…
An Australian 17-year-old must be utterly alienated from the community to feel at home with Islamic State. Youtube

No future: why we need a youth policy to counter radicalisation

The upcoming first ever Global Forum on Youth Policies has put the spotlight on the position of young people who, the United Nations says, are our “greatest resource”. Australia is among a minority of…
Long-term reforms are required to address the causes of early school leaving. Shutterstock

Keeping kids in school is not as simple as carrots and sticks

The OECD’s 2009 Jobs for Youth report, released on the heels of the global financial crisis, made a number of policy recommendations to the Australian government to prevent a rise in youth unemployment…
Youth unemployment is a lingering global issue. Shutterstock

Infographic: Finding a policy fix for youth unemployment

Review The youth unemployment rate increased from 12.8% in August to 13.2% in September seasonally adjusted, in line with the slight overall increase in unemployment. However, the latest figures for 15-24…
Nick Clegg launching a work coach scheme for young people in May. Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Winding down of youth jobs scheme cuts options for NEETs

When the Youth Contract was launched in 2012, it was described by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg as “a major moment for Britain’s unemployed young people”. With an overall budget of £1bn, the plan was…
The probability of receiving a work for the dole pilot is much higher in non-marginal electorates, regardless of the level of actual youth unemployment. AAP/Julian Smith

Safe seats are more likely to have a work for the dole pilot

In July, the federal government will begin a series of pilot programs for its work for the dole scheme across Australia. All job seekers aged 18 to 30 who have been unemployed for more than a year and…
More than one-third of unemployed people are aged 15 to 24, a critical period in their lives. luxorphoto/Shutterstock

Unemployment is hitting youth hard: this is what we should do

Australia came out of the global financial crisis better than most industrialised countries, but did not escape altogether. With a weaker economy, the unemployment rate rose from about 4% to 6% between…
The uncertainties of young Australians' lives already present many challenges. Any harm done by making things tougher cannot easily be undone. Flickr/Bernard Oh

Pain now, rewards later? Young lives cannot be relived

The federal government’s proposed budget measures are particularly harsh on young people, particularly the most vulnerable. A raft of measures, if introduced, will reduce young people’s access to income…
The government wants young people to be learning or earning, but at some point they should be treated as adults. Dean Lewins/AAP

Earning, learning or confused: mixed signals on jobs for young

When should a young person start getting paid as an adult? It depends on where the money is coming from, according to current government policy - policy that is sending conflicting messages about the true…
Policy measures have failed to understand why unemployed and disaffected youth are the way they are. Shutterstock

Regressive measures won’t help youth into work or training

The 2014 federal budget implemented a so-called crackdown on what Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews calls young people who are content to “sit on the couch at home and pick up a welfare cheque…
The number of young unemployed people has grown by more than 60% in less than six years, so why are they largely ignored? AAP/Alan Porritt

Why rising youth unemployment demands our urgent attention

I believe there is a special case for taking an interest in youth unemployment. It is concerning that more than one-third of the unemployed people in Australia are aged 15 to 24. In the 14 years leading…
Destination unknown: measuring youth unemployment is a fraught business. Martin Rickett/PA

Hard Evidence: who are the NEETS?

Governments across Europe are searching for effective policies to drive down youth unemployment. Most European countries have experienced an alarming rise in the levels of young people (16-24) who are…
Africa has a youthful population, but so far it has been underutilised in the workforce. Charles Okumu

Africa’s youth can inoculate it from Dutch disease

Africa is the last frontier of a plundered planet, as argued by Oxford economist and Africa expert Paul Collier. When compared with almost all other regions of the world that have already been explored…
NEET. Not a neat term. Danny Lawson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Small drop in NEETs, but who counts the cost of the missing?

New figures have been published on the number of young people the government classes as NEET – not in any form of education, employment or training. The statistics show that the number of 16-24 year olds…
The G20 is made up of several tiers, not all of whom share priorities. AAP

Can worldwide economic growth be ‘planned’?

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors have set themselves a formidable task in accelerating growth and creating millions of new jobs in order to add 2% to world economic growth over the next…
The future for young workers is looking less secure, with casual work taking hold.

Is job insecurity becoming the norm for young people?

In recent years, job insecurity among young people has risen to unsettling proportions. Last year, The Economist reported that as many as 290 million 15-24 year olds were not participating in the labour…
Are working holidays makers taking away jobs and other visitors on short-term working visas from young locals? Andos/ElloShutterstock

Scarce jobs: migrants or locals at the end of the job queue?

During this election campaign, the major parties have professed their concern about employment opportunities. The mantra is jobs, jobs, jobs. This is appropriate in a context where growth in the number…
Boot camps are a superficial solution to the complex social and economic problem of unemployment. Image from

Boot camps won’t solve our youth unemployment problem

The ALP’s proposal to send unemployed youth into military-style “boot camps” to qualify for the dole is a superficial solution to a complex social problem. As I’ve argued in a TC article earlier this year…
Smash the system, not traffic lights. flikr/bobaliciouslondon

Why aren’t unemployed young people rioting in the streets?

A fifth of Britain’s young people are out of work; how long before they snap? The International Labour Organisation has recently issued warnings about possible youth unrest in the future, as young people…
For many young Australians, getting a full-time job — or even sufficient part-time hours — is a significant challenge. AAP

Youth face snakes and ladders on the path to full-time employment

Getting a job is a major concern for young Australians. Last year’s National Survey of Young Australians showed a large rise in the proportion of young people valuing getting a job, from 16% in 2010 to…
With stable jobs in short supply, what does the future hold for Australia’s young workers? AAP

The precariat is recruiting: youth, please apply

The term “precariat” conveys the idea that the old working class, the proletariat, has transmuted into a new social class where work and life are characterised by precariousness and risk. While the old…
While young people in Australia might not have to deal with the extremes of the GFC, they are facing other challenges. Youth image from

Generation next: where to for Australia’s young people?

A new report shows that one in four young Australians are not fully engaged in employment or training despite government targets aiming to get more young people qualified or into a job. But compared to…
Show of unity: Spain’s King Juan Carlos (centre) supported austerity cuts by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy - but expressed concern about their impact on Spanish youth. AAP

Spain faces brain drain as its youth looks for a future abroad

Half of Spain’s youth (that is, those under the age of 25) are now officially unemployed, while overall unemployment in Spain stands at 24.4%, according to the latest figures released by the Spanish Institute…
Young people are subjected to the most harmful economic effects of the two-speed economy.

Youth unemployment: a two-speed divide?

Much of the commentary around the “two-speed” economy focuses on the differences between the gains made by mining-related sectors and other parts of the Australian economy that have slowed in recent years…

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