Bulk-billing rates have been trending upwards for well over a decade. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

FactCheck: do 86% of people visit the doctor for free?

Yes, 86% of GP visits were bulk-billed in 2017-18, up from 82% when Labor was in power. But they also rose under Labor, while the percentage for "patients" seems to be lower than the percentage for "visits".

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To all the Q&A viewers and Conversation readers who requested or shared a FactCheck Q&A in 2017: thank you. Here are a selection of your requests, and the responses from our expert FactCheck authors.


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South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, SA Liberal leader Steven Marshall and SA Best leader Nick Xenophon at a leaders’ debate hosted by the ABC. AAP Image/Morgan Sette

FactCheck: does South Australia have the ‘highest energy prices’ in the nation and ‘the least reliable grid’?

SA Liberal Party leader Steven Marshall said that state Labor policy had left South Australians with 'the highest energy prices in Australia' and 'the least reliable grid'. Is that right?


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